Fix me a sandwich woman. Don't you know your role?

Loser 05/19/2019. 12 answers
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12 Answers

Kathy 05/20/2019.

Fix your own sandwich.

Jamie 05/20/2019.

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L.N. 05/20/2019.

Ok, here's your sandwich woman, just like you ordered.

Joe 05/20/2019.

I don't like sandwiches on rolls. Rye bread maybe. Try his, " Fix me a sandwich woman...don't you know your rye bread ? " Much better,,,,,

Kay 05/20/2019.

With that additude, I would be wary of having others fixing my food.

Anonymous 05/20/2019.

I know what a roll is. Why don’t you?

BlueNinjaLove 05/20/2019.

Arsenic and mayo on rye, it is.

Now know your role and go fix the sink.

Anonymous 05/20/2019.

Stereotypical gender roles don't exist in a civilized society. A man can be a wiz in the kitchen and the woman can be a wiz in the garage. The minute differences between the sexes (such as who lactates and who gets more fat around the middle) doesn't affect their mental ability to perform certain tasks.

Dmitri 05/20/2019.

I'm a man and you just scored a date with pain and suffering. Who are they? My left and right fists.

Rick 05/20/2019.

You should be nice to people that handle your food!

Anonymous 05/20/2019.

Sure Rachael.

Anonymous 05/20/2019.

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