Why would someone buy a used car for $70,000.-?

mike m 10/19/2018. 14 answers
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mike m 10/19/2018.

Because it has that much value?

Maximus Williamitis 10/19/2018.

Well, if it was a 57 Bel-Air, convertible (like Glen Quagmire's) or a 55 Lincoln Continual, maybe even a 66 Shelby Mustang 350; or several others I could mention. Depends on the condition; and, at that cheep price you could get one in, almost, showroom.

I had a 1957 Bel-Air 2 door, no post 427cuin 4 on the floor, coupe in mint condition. I sold it for 78,000

anand 10/19/2018.

Because it would be the car owned by Henry Ford.

armouror is My Alias 10/19/2018.

the same reason people Buy new cars stupid

I was in My 954 220 Mercedes Benz and next to me was a 300,000 pound RR we were on the A1/M1 in a snowstorm the road was a carpark for 4 Hours and My car was just as warm and Comfortable as the RR only at a cheaper Price

Today I own a 2002 VW Bora and drove 30 Klm in Hrs in another road that became a car park My Bora $5,000 and behind me was a new Bentley he travelled as fast as I did for 100 times more than I paid

JES 10/19/2018.

You haven't watched a Barrett-Jackson auction have you?

Ray 10/19/2018.

Because they have more money than sense.

megalomaniac 10/19/2018.

To save the rest of the cost. Some cars are a lot more expensive than that when new. (i.e. buying a slightly used $200,000 car for $70,000 is a whole lot different than buying a new $70K car for full price).

BJ 10/19/2018.

And what car would that be

Some vintage cars are worth more than that

tezz27000 10/19/2018.

the most expensive cars in the world are used cars

Happy Ahmed 10/19/2018.

To drive?

To fix up and re-sell?

Anonymous 10/19/2018.

troll alert

Forty Licks 10/19/2018.

A car becomes used 1 day after registration so that Bentley is well worth it

Pilsner Man 10/19/2018.

1. They can afford it.

2. It was a good deal.

3. It was collectible.

4. Because you couldn't.

Anonymous 10/19/2018.

It was a FERRARI.

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