I missed my first day of work yesterday because I unfortunately had diarrhoea. What will happen?

janie 10/19/2018. 10 answers
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I rang in and she said “it’s not really good missing your first day of work” and I apologised and said I know. She said I’ll have to speak to the manager when I’m next in, which is tomorrow. But what will happen? Surely I can’t be in trouble, it’s a misfortunate thing that happened at a bad time out of my control,...

10 Answers

Sabato 10/21/2018.

Depending on the job you could either be fired or reprimanded. While it isn't entirely your fault, your first day is like your first impression. If you don't even show up the first day then they already expect you to be an employee they can't rely on.

James Blackley 10/21/2018.

You are in a lot of trouble here-

I get you were sick, but there was no reason for you to cancel work, unless it was a serious issue (ie all day runs). The manager has the option of doing anything from a verbal warning, to a write up, to a suspenion and even firing you!

Casey Y 10/21/2018.

Imodium and you go to work...you'll really have to prove yourself as a good worker going forward...if they even give you a chance.

Eva 10/21/2018.

There are drugs for that. You're going to have to work hard to redeem yourself.

Pat Wooden 10/21/2018.

Unfortunately, managers often don't see things the way their employees do. If your manager has had a lot of experience with people calling in sick when they're not, he/she may very well think you're lying. I've run into this myself, and it got to the point where I never called in sick--I just went to work until they made me leave. Obviously, you couldn't in your case.

I suggest you do as you plan, which is to (briefly) explain to the manager that you had every intent of working, but this was out of your control. Assure them you take being at work very seriously. And hopefully, you'll not have cause to call in sick in the near future.

Anonymous 10/21/2018.

You will soon get fired, if not already fired. There are otc medications for that issue that work.

Say It Like You Mean It 10/21/2018.

You've already apologised. Your diarrhoea might've been nerves.

Stella 10/21/2018.

Be apologetic and try to show that you regret what happened and will do your best to avoid missing more time.

It's true that it's not your fault and it is just bad luck.

But don't say anything like "Surely I can't be in trouble".

Accept the fact that you made a bad first impression.

You have a bit of a hole to work out of.

But if they give you a chance and you work hard in a few weeks your missed day will be forgotten.

LindseyS499 10/21/2018.

We can't really tell you what will happen. Just go into work and face the consequences.

If you have diarrhea like that there's Imodium, it does help.

As she said it's not a good idea to miss your first day of work.

Maybe they will let it go with a write up, you never know.

audrey 10/21/2018.

Even though it's not your fault, you are probably fired.

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