Windows 10 is malware, time to switch OS, do you agree?

Vinny 10/19/2018. 12 answers
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Just Wondering0001 10/24/2018.

IMHO it's been time to switch since Win8. And I really lost My fun times with Windows feel when they split into the 7-piece set of versions, although I did understand the beauty of Win7 Starter possibly being installed on every new system then being able to modularly install extra featuresets.

But now I'm in the limbo of trying to choose the best-suited linux distro(s) for all of My 13 systems (LOVE Craigslist - a little too much maybe!!!) & it's looking like all My Win systems usages are going to be offline anyway, so their parctices of data-mining & spyware are pointless anyway.

The desktop I'm replying on was a $70 refurb with Win10 & as soon as I get a few more personal faves installed I'm switching it to a 3Tb linux drive & prob'ly packing this one up with a hardware & regcodes list in case it ever gets sold / passed along to someone else.


brayden 10/24/2018.

It's not malware, but it's certainly not my favorite OS either. Unless you downgrade to Win 7 there is no better Windows OS option right now.

Linux is a good Windows alternative, but it has some limitations as to what it can run on it so make sure your programs can use it before you switch to it.

michael 10/21/2018.

Linux is a better option try mint to start out.

It is not very good for gaming however linux distros are better over all for non-gaming tasks.

If you are worried about security try tails.

Anonymous 10/21/2018.

It's not malware, it just sucks. I brought home the beta of Windows 8 and my husband immediately switched to Linux. When my Windows 7 box died, I bought a Mac (due to having some software that has no Linux versions or equivalents).

bob 10/21/2018.

1st dont use pirated windows 10

2nd use windows without bloatware version that is LTSB

Jim Moor 10/21/2018.

Historically the odd number Windows are great, stable and very usable.

Most 'even' versions I've not liked.

If you're on Windows 7, wait til Win 11, it should be great

George 10/21/2018.

I switched fifteen years ago mate!

art 10/21/2018.

I have a windows 7 desktop and I am going to hang on to it for as long as I possible can - even after they stop providing security updates

Smokie 10/21/2018.

Linux is a much better option.

- 10/21/2018.

I hate that win10 bug that gives a blank black screen when it wakes up from sleep mode and the only way to get off the screen is to shut your computer off from the power button

ach 10/24/2018.

if you do not like windows 10 you can go get linux.


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