Why do people at work resent me because I don’t care about my job?

rusty111fire 10/18/2018. 10 answers
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I work at this place part time while I go to Uni, and my coworkers seem to dislike me. I’m always polite and do my job correctly and offer to help others as well and am always friendly in conversation with them. They seem to dislike me because I have a nonchalant atttitude towards this job as in I show up late...

10 Answers

Casey Y 10/18/2018.

Well, when you show up late or call off, they have to pick up the slack.

Additionally, something experienced first hand...they resent you. They know that you will quit when you graduate and get a better job than they might ever have in their lives...which they resent.

Just deal with it...

ricky 10/18/2018.

You’re productive and nice you say. Sounds like all you have to do is not say you couldn’t care less. Kind of arrogant to act like y’alls job has no worth to you.

ibu guru 10/18/2018.

If you are late or don't come in as scheduled, you are dumping your workload on them. That's enough to earn their disdain, dislike & distrust no matter how well you perform if & when you do show up.

real estate guy 10/18/2018.

this job may be just a blimp in your life, but to the others, this is their career.

You are being a jerk. And based on your post, you arrogant (I’m easily their best worker)

You are also very self absorbed (Why do people at work resent me because I don’t care about my job)

Bottomline, attitude is everything. You are coming across as a jerk and the others see it.

David 10/18/2018.

Probably because you're gay and have sores all over your mouth. Thanks for asking.

k am 10/18/2018.

Even Jesus was disliked. Ask him to take over the situation & watch what happens.

marty 10/18/2018.

Quit. You don't care about the job anyway. Let a good worker have it who'll be on time and take the job seriously

Anonymous 10/18/2018.

If only I had a nickel for every moron who thought they were the best worker.

Guess who people don't like? Arrogant slackers.

ETA: Yes, I've met many people who truly thought they were the best worker. Not a single one of them was even close.

"I did not mean it in an arrogant way at all" So what? You ARE arrogant and people don't like that, especially when you have a crappy attitude and can't be bothered to show up when you're supposed to.

? 10/18/2018.

Maybe its their permanent situation and they're jealous of you.

Judy 10/18/2018.

I hope you're just a troll and not too clueless to figure this out for yourself.

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