What to do if your parents took your bong as an adult?

Austin 10/17/2018. 25 answers
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I m 20 years old almost 21 and my mom confiscated my new $200 bong while I was at work. She s very strictly against weed and thinks of it as methamphetamine or something and considers it very dangerous yet she drinks more than a bottle of wine every day. I m more than pissed off and feel violated. I don t feel that...

25 Answers

P 10/21/2018.

The problem is when you live with your parents, even as an adult you have to live there by their rules otherwise they can and will do stupid stuff like take your bong. The problem with doing something like dumping their wine is that you are only escalating the problem and unless your parents are pansies they will just figure out something else to do to make your life miserable to punish you for that and you still won't get the bong back. You really should be looking to move out. There's a lot of websites online that can help you find a cheap room to rent somewhere if you can't afford a whole apartment.

Greatest 10/21/2018.

Jump that punk *** *****

Pearl L 10/21/2018.

yes, nnove out and then this kind of stuff wont happen

Eva 10/21/2018.

As long as they are providing you a place to live, they get to make the rules.

Jeff 10/21/2018.

Their house. Their rules. For a 20 yr old you have a lot of disposable income. Wouldn't be that way if you didn't live with mom.

Mizz-Delagee 10/21/2018.

Firstly, you need to get off your high horse and respect your mum. that's your mum. she gave birth to you, carried you.

I don't think you should be having weed, either. whereas wine, is better. its made from grapes. the only issue is when you get drunk or whatever from it. weed though, is usually used for the wrong reasons and buy people/young people that live the WRONG lifestyle.

of course she can walk into your room - she has the right. think about if you had a child...you'd want the best for them too.

Anonymous 10/21/2018.

Move out

FLSwampBoy 10/21/2018.

Move out.

They own the house, not you.

As owners, they can do that...you can't.

Anonymous 10/21/2018.

You quit smoking weed.

megalomaniac 10/21/2018.

Move to Canada (as of today it's completely legal for adults). Or perhaps to one of the US states where it is legal.

d 10/21/2018.

Call the police

You’re no adult

You Know . . . 10/21/2018.

Leave it somewhere else, duh.

pit bulls bite 10/21/2018.

get a job and move out

Anonymous 10/21/2018.

Grow up and quit smoking pot loser.

Your juvenile attitude shows that is is not doing you any good.

Utility Account 10/21/2018.

Got news for you. Your mom didn't take a bong away from an adult.

Anonymous 10/21/2018.

Well, first, you're not 21. Even if it's legal in your state, you're breaking the law by smoking until that day comes.

Besides, this isn't even the point. Your mom can run HER home anyway she wants! If she's never explained this to you, she should have, but your age doesn't matter. You're a legal adult staying in someone else's home. If you don't respect the rules, your mom can legally kick you out.

You get to call the shots and make decisions when you're living on your own and fully independent financially. Until then, mom has all the power, and this would apply if you were 30 or 40.

audrey 10/21/2018.

Move out. She is wrong, but it is her house, so it's her rules.

Jennifer Danielle 10/21/2018.

Unless you're paying rent, her house her rules!

I don't agree with her actions but still

Happy Gramps 10/21/2018.

here's how it goes - your folks pay for -

the house

the food

the utilities

your clothing

other things

you pay for - NOTHING !!

if you don't want to live for free, as you have for 20 years, then be the "big boy" and move out............and if you would prefer, you folks can easily use a phone to contact law enforcement and have you arrested

think about it very hard, doper ............

righteousjohnson 10/21/2018.

Move out.

They own the house, not you.

As owners, they can do that...you can't.

Tri-Harder 10/21/2018.

Oh, poor you. You want to sit in Mom's house and smoke your bong instead of supporting yourself. And how mature of you to demand ANYTHING. It's their house. Their bedroom. They can enter it and search it any time they want.

You think you're grown up enough to tell your parents how to live? Then move out and pay your own bills.

The Football God 10/21/2018.

My roof, my rules. You gone!

Robert 10/21/2018.

Actually yes. It is the standard advice I would give to a low life freeloader living with his mommy at age 20 and pretending to be an adult Get out and get your own place. You are crying about a whole 200 dollar bong and you are upset that your mommy doesn't want it in HER house. Yoou complain that she drinks HER LEGAL wine and doesn't want you doing your ILLEGAL POT at home. So grow the hell up or leave. And that's good advice. Oh yeah, just one more thing. Don't talk about being a grown up when you are living with and sponging off your mommy little man.

J 10/21/2018.

Move out.

~`~`~`~` 10/21/2018.

Moving out comes to mind.

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