Why is there no grace period?

Jeffrey 10/17/2018. 19 answers
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I started a new job at a distribution center and our schedule is 7:00pm to 3:30am on second shift and if you clock in at 7:01 it counts against you. The earliest you can clock in is 6:53, but the latest you can clock in without incurring an attendance point is 7:00:59. If you clock in one minute (or more) late,...

19 Answers

Jeffrey 10/17/2018.

Of course it's legal. They are paying you to be on the job and if you want the job you get there when they tell you to. Grow up.

rick29148 10/18/2018.

IF you clock in too early, they might have to pay you overtime. But, their company, their rules .............................

oklatom 10/18/2018.

Why do you think there should be grace period? If you don't show up on time you will be fired.

babyboomer1001 10/18/2018.

That's how the clock calculates the time. It is legal and it is the way it should be. You should not be late to work without penalty.

David 14 10/17/2018.

100% legal. Welcome to the grown up world.

Spock (rhp) 10/17/2018.

yes, it's legal.

Eva 10/17/2018.

People take advantage of "grace periods". I've never worked anywhere that had them. You're supposed to be ready to work at the time of your assigned shift, not just getting there, putting stuff in your locker, etc. You are supposed to be on the floor and ready to work at 7PM.

DEBS 10/17/2018.

Why would there be a grace period? You are either late or you are not.

Now, if you aren't getting paid from 6:53 to 7:00, then that could be a legal issue. Generally, if your employer requires you to be there, then you have to get paid. I don't know the exact situation, but if the hard deadline forces you to show up early, and not get paid for those minutes, then there could be legal issues.

deplorables have won 10/17/2018.

why do you need a grace period to show up on time?

it is actually pretty nice for them to give you a point system. i fire people for showing up late, or calling out in their 1st 90 days.

Anonymous 10/17/2018.

"Why is there no grace period?"

Because employees are required to be on time.

"Is this even legal?"

Are you seriously asking if it's legal for an employer to discipline and/or terminate employees who are late more than a dozen times?

Gosh, life must be hard there in the land of Grown Ups.

Nicholas 10/20/2018.

Grow up dude

ricky 10/18/2018.

If you are 15 minutes early for ANY event, you’re on time. If you’re there right on time, you’re late. And if you are really late, you might as well not come in.

Anonymous 10/18/2018.

You aren't in school anymore Snowflake.

Anonymous 10/17/2018.

You don't sound adult enough to tie your own shoes. Most students learn punctuality in grammar school.

Morningfox 10/17/2018.

It's probably legal. Ask your union representative. Or the state wage and hour division.

Lone Cat 10/17/2018.

Yea, that's basically how all jobs work.

Michael 10/17/2018.

Instituting a points system that allows you to be late 12 times before you get fired seems pretty graceful to me.

As for your question about legality, what would possibly be illegal about instituting controls to ensure that your employees are on time?

Jackie M 10/17/2018.

Yes it is legal and when I as young and we clocked in and out for every minute late we were we got quartered from hourly pay and same if you clocked out early and if time keeping was bad you got fired.

JoJo Potatoes 10/17/2018.

Tots legal. Most systems round to the nearest quarter hour (hence why they don't care if you clock in at 6:53 - it counts the same as 7:00). Nobody wants to pay for hours that aren't really worked.

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