Is python a good programming language for beginners?

RAGHAVENDRAN 10/17/2018. 5 answers
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Peter 10/20/2018.

Yes, Python is good programming language for beginners. Python is simple as well as best for developing the basic skills of programming.

Andy T 10/20/2018.

Yes, but it is going only so far as a production language, just don't expect it to take you to some position of noteworthy.

husoski 10/20/2018.

Yes, it is.

I beg to differ with some earlier answers. Unlike Alice, Scratch, Pascal, Basic and several others, Python is not designed for or intended for beginners. What makes it a good "first language" is that it is higher level than most other languages used "in production".

There are other high-level choices. JavaScript (or ECMAScript, more formally) is used in the Khan Academy videos on computer programming, for example. That's also being used in US high school programs to introduce students to computer programming at a less formal level than, say, AP Computer Science does.

The language matters for an educational program more than it does for an individual, though. The best language for any specific beginner is a language he will stick with long enough to write programs on his own. Having seen many good programmers who started with many different languages, I've come to be of the opinion that someone who "is cut out for" a career in computer programming will succeed with any starting language.

Python has a few things going for even those who may use programming as a secondary job skill or maybe even as a hobby. There are high-quality, free implementations on every major platform (on mobile devices, even); and there are lots of free and reasonably-priced educational options online, in print and in classrooms.

joe 10/20/2018.

Beginners at what?

ShaneTFletcher 10/20/2018.

Yes, it’s intended to be easy to learn but can be advanced for the more pro levels people. - Download Hi-Res Songs