I drive a very crappy car and im embarrassed?

westville sal 10/16/2018. 40 answers
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So my car runs but it looks horrible. First off, the drivers side fender, doors and bumper is all mest up up and banged up pretty bad. My friend laughed at me at school because it looks so bad. I can maybe get a new car but im too cheap.While my friend drives a brand new chevy cruze. Should i feel embarrassed?

40 Answers

westville sal 10/20/2018.

Don't be embarrassed.

Anonymous 10/19/2018.

No need to be embarrassed. As long the car gets you from Point A to Point B you should be fine. Otherwise save up your allowance and buy a newer vehicle that is not "messed up"

Richard 10/19/2018.

Rat it. Turn it into a rat rob. It can be done cheaply and give you instant street cred. I pulled my 86 Cadillac from a scrap yard. I could afford to repair it but not paint it so I used what I had and people in my town started copying me and did it to any car you can think of. That was my first car and I still own it.

Rat rods are good because they don t have to be pretty. If anything they are made to look like crap on purpose. I painted my car to look like a beat up old police car. I ve seen others with panels with not paint or even no paint at all. It can be every creative and very personal to you. I would recommend a youtube show called Mighty Car Mods. They did a great one from a dull grannies car.

Mercury 10/19/2018.

If it runs ok what is he problem?

Anonymous 10/19/2018.

Cars are cars

troy 10/19/2018.

Don't be

Kim 10/19/2018.

It is all about perception!

Someone might love their piece of junk, in a way these people tend to actually FEEL PRIDE about them having a "different" vehicle or a car that is still running.

Then, on the opposite spectrum, someone might hate their car because they see it has a confidence killer. They have no sense of pride in the car and I believe they should change their car; as soon as they are finically able.

The embarrassment, the pain that you feel driving the car, turn all of that energy into fuel. Allow it to motivate you to push harder in everything you do, so one day you can have your dreams.

People are so harsh to criticize and put down people who don't want to be average. There is nothing wrong with being an outliner and anyone who tells you it is; tell them to kiss your future nice cars A**.

I promise you 99% of the time, the people who feel so compelled to cut you down for wanting something different are going to grow up and one day tell their grandchildren I wish I would have done that.

I already know someone now is going to say but "cars are depreciating assets" and spending money on a nice car is stupid. Look, we are all human, we all make un-rational decisions every day. For one person it might be spending $5 a day at a local coffee shop (quilty), another person it could be the amount of beer they drink every month... and so on and so on... We all are guilty of giving in to un-rational desires in one or another.

There is a difference between being thankful you have a car and desiring to get a new one.

No, it does not make you ungrateful for your car because you want a new one.

Yes, we should always be thankful for what we have especially when it is the only thing we have but it is all about the mindset though.

Remember, our parents teaching us "you will become who you hang out with", it is the same thing with this car. If you sit in something you hate, every single day; for most of us the first thing we sit in on our ways to work in the morning; you are not going to be inspired to do more.

We all want to be liked by others and if a car is like some peoples lucky pair of underpants; then so be it! It is the law of attraction! Every single day I want you to write down what kind of car you want, visualize being in that car when you're driving it, and write down a goal to get a new one; you will! I promise you that!

If you don't and that car does not make you happy like your saying, you are going to underperform in many areas of your life because like I said perception. If you are working hard towards your goals and not seeing any progress around you then it will just slow you down!

Again, just like our friends who we choose to hang out with... It is the same for our items etc.

If we only hang out with people who are not doing anything with there lives and you're giving it 100%; these friends are going to be you to go out all night with them etc because they do not care about making it! They want you right there next to them!

Then you start hanging out with people driving way nice cars, you're going to be inspired to match them.

It is not what you have right now, it is your mindset of where you want to go and how hard you work to get there. Do not be afraid to want it all and don't stop trying until you accomplish whatever dreams you might have.

jimanddottaylor 10/19/2018.

You should for sure be embarrassed. ! But not for your car, Be embarrassed for your poor choice of friends and for your lack of self esteem. The car is fine. It runs

thebax2006 10/19/2018.

Start giving head and save up for a new car jojo.

regerugged 10/19/2018.

No. Do whatever you choose...unless your friend is willing to make car payments for you. Ask him.

Linda 10/20/2018.

Just smile and focus on your education. At least you have a car to drive...

Adullah M 10/19/2018.

Be happy as long as you have a car to drive,if not it would be even worse.

Grandpa 10/19/2018.

When I was going to school the carI dorve was 2 years older than I was and the paint looked so bad I would swear I could have done a better paint job with a broom. The Catch was that I did have something to drive when I was going to school. a surprisingly large number of students do not have something to drive. Instead of comparing yourself with the one person who has a better car, compare yourself to the hundreds that do not have a car to drive.

Anonymous 10/19/2018.

Nah. You can go to bush parties deep in the bush and not worry about scratching your paint job. Chevy dude will be too paranoid to attend. You drink, get laid and have a grand old time while Chevy guy is keeping his left hand busy...in his garage...alone.

New get old real fast. It is not fun times. Did you not hate it when you went to school with brand new sneakers and brand new blue jeans that are not faded and ripped? Car is no different. I would rather have the beater that is still holding together good than making payments on a new car.

"It don't impress me much".....Shinia Twain

Francis 10/19/2018.

Maybe, but so should your friend with a Chevvy Cruze.

Joco 10/19/2018.

"My friend laughed at me at school because it looks so bad."

This is not something a friend would do.

Why would you feel embarrassed? You have your own car, no matter how old/in which shape it is.

Just enjoy in life!

Mark 10/19/2018.

I personally run a vauxhaul corsa and i must say i am very proud of my **** banger!

She does the miles well and always packs a punch when im drive up the hills, or slipping the clutch

Overall is the car runs well then you've got nothing to worry about as i am a student driver i am very self aware about myself.

JustYourAverageTeen 10/19/2018.

There's a 4 minute, 50 second video you should watch on youtube by Doug DeMuro titled "Here's Why This Kia Spectra Is the Best Car I've Ever Reviewed." Doug DeMuro is a huge car snob. He likes his cars fast, luxurious and expensive. But he makes some very good points about why there's absolutely no shame or embarrassment in owning an old beater. It also goes to show that any true car guy is only poking fun at your car out of jest and love. Tell your friend to get off your case about it. It's your life and even if it wasn't your choice to make, taking that car was a smart one. I'm not sure how old you are but when I got to college and out of my bubble of a town I realized that material possessions won't come with you to your grave and that there's no sense in trying to please anybody but yourself regarding your own life choices.

don r 10/19/2018.

Your friend in the Cruze is going to soon ask you to help him take his Cruze to the shop because they have such a shightty engine. Laugh at him then

KayleenR 10/19/2018.

Not at all. Your old crappy car is probably more reliable than his anyway

Marie 10/19/2018.

At least you have a car.

Gary 10/19/2018.

Go to a junkyard and get a door. Then clean up the interior and get a decent paint job. Look at the Cruz and be glad you don't have a $20,000 loan on a rapidly depreciating bluetooth cart.

Tom 10/19/2018.

If it works, then so what

james 10/19/2018.

I am proud to drive a Scrum. You can spot Scrums on the road easy. They never have any crome on them. Or emblem or name. As Scum says If your proud to drive a Scrum. We will charge extra to put a decal on the side. With our name on it. & you think you have it bad? But like the car you have they run. Manual transmission, roll up windows, no floor mats, pay extra for a passenger seat. Basic vehicle. Only good thing about them is you don't see them broke down beside the road. If 4 wheel drive they will put a jeep or land rover to shame. But for looks & comfort they are a true crappy vehicle. But they do with rare fail. Get you were you are going in this Country. & that is the important thing. & this is a Country that seems to eat those high priced Land Rovers a live.

Bertsta 10/19/2018.

If your car is all you can or want to afford, then don't give in to peer pressure. New cars are cool but many people don't realise (or are in denial) about how much they really cost. They take out loans and end up paying 150% of the RRP on something that is constantly depreciating. Taking your mate as an example, the new Cruze will be worth half it's buy price in a few years time, costing $3-4K per year simply for the privilege of having it parked on the driveway. If purchased with a loan, it'll cost even more. Your old beater will always be worth what you paid for it, and unless you have major repairs (probably quite likely) it won't cost anything more than normal running costs - fuel/rego/insurance/servicing. If the appearance of your car bothers you, make it's dilapidated state into a positive. Give it a DIY matt black paint job and turn it into a zombie apocalypse survival vehicle or similar. It doesn't matter if it looks cr@p, that's actually the point. It'll be way cooler than a new car if you do it right. A car is only something to take you from home to the place where you get laid, and a zombie special will get far more attention. Just make sure the interior is clean. Girls hate sticky seats.

ponderer 10/19/2018.

You made it to high school and still can't tolerate getting laughed at. Develop a sense of humor and don't take yourself so seriously. Nobody else does. You are a young person who is mobile. That in itself is a very envious trait form a global point of view. The first car gets crashed soon anyways.

GL2D 10/19/2018.

no you shouldn't feel embarrassed, a car is a car as long as it is safe and it runs it's fine, who cares, i'm guessing you're in the USA, I never understood how so many school kids can afford cars/lessons and everything that comes along with it, but just think if you drive a cheep car now you'll be able to afford a better car later, the people with a 'snazzy new car' now if something happens to that car, they may not be able to afford to get the same again

Gryphyn39 10/19/2018.

No. You are driving what you can afford. There is no shame in that.

Anonymous 10/19/2018.

Save up get a new one then

not 10/20/2018.

Some people can't live with the thought of people having bad thoughts about them and some can. You'll have to decide for yourself what to do about this. I like nice cars, have had some nice rides. I'd spend my time working to pay for them and hook them up. I then spent my time off work caring for them. I now drive an ugly beater, an old S10, I wash it twice a year. 100% reliable, I'd go anywhere in it not a clunker, don't wanna walk. People turn their nose up, they judge. If you spot me you'll notice I'm sitting crooked; that's my fat wallet in my back pocket. I do keep my wife in a very nice car, a Lexus, so we have something nice when we travel. People judge me when I drive it too.

When I had a lifted truck with big tires people judged me; redneck. Next thing I know big trucks with big tires are cool and everybody has one; then they judge me because my tires, my lift are too small. Do you want to chase trends to be accepted?

You better get a very regular looking car if you don't want to be judged, oh but then they'll judge you for being regular. Choose to do what you like and enjoy. You won't be pleasing everyone but you can spend a ton trying.

Susan 10/19/2018.

Don't be embarrassed for being thrifty. You are a very smart young man.

Robsteriark 10/19/2018.

You own that car outright. Your friend probably drives a car owned by his or her parents which they’ll be paying for, for years.

You have far more freedom with your car. You can park it in rougher areas, you’re vastly less likely to get car-jacked, and you can drive it in places where your friend would fear damage.

Freedom isn’t anything to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

As the car owes you zilch, you’re also free to gradually repair the damage: that will cost far leas than a new car, and if those panels simply bolt on then you can learn a bit about cars if you replace the panels yourself.

nt 10/19/2018.

I drove crappy cars for about 20 years, Saved a TON,

I was not embarrassed, I was building wealth.

Now, I drove a 2012,

sublimationtechnics 10/19/2018.

This crappy car trains its hands first. It can be renewed if there is money.

The Firecracker 10/19/2018.

NO. Never trade in your good runner for a pretty, newer, more complicated one that will cost $$ at a mechanic, as you cant fix/maintain it. And that you constantly worry about parking lot rash.

Get Better friends...

Erik 10/19/2018.

No way. It's the people who don't have a car who probably have shitty lives.

Anonymous 10/19/2018.

Everyone should get a shitty first car...its basically a practice vehicle, driver training trains you pass the test not how to drive in mainstream traffic which is full of asshats,who have developed really bad habits.

Egbert 10/19/2018.

Your 'friend' is an idiot. If it runs it's useful. Tell him your other car is a Porsche.

Mr. Smith 10/19/2018.

You've got what you've got. That's life...

which your 'friend' has a poor grasp of.

Start fixing up your car or save up for a better one.

Jimmy C 10/19/2018.

If you have a new car you always worry about it getting scratched. I would rather have something older so I do not worry, and I do not care what other people think.

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