Which name sounds better?

. 10/16/2018. 18 answers
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Stephanie Rose or Stephanie Goode

18 Answers

. 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose is better than the Goofy sounding one.

Lauren Michelle Murphy 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose

Roman 10/17/2018.

Definitely Stephanie rose

brittany 10/17/2018.

is Rose and Goode the middle name or the last name? if last then either/or is fine.. middle name I think Rose is better :)

cindy 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose

Meerkat Uno 10/17/2018.

Rose is over used and boring. Goode is a last name.

Jose 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Goode

Already too many floral names out there.

Ellie 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose sounds lovely

blank 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose

Anonymous 10/31/2018.

Neither. Stephanie is an extremely unattractive, outdated, awkward name. Both of the middle names are meaningless fillers.

rockandrollrev 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose. It is so feminine, light, refreshing and pretty.

Violet 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Goode.

Rose is so incredibly overused and cliched at this point.

gezzy 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose

Danielle B 10/17/2018.

Assuming the second name is the surname, Stephanie Goode sounds better.

conley39 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose

Odins daughter 10/17/2018.

If it's a first and middle name, Stephanie Rose.

If it's a first and last name, Stephanie Goode.

buzz 10/17/2018.

The first one

Marlena 10/17/2018.

Stephanie Rose all the way

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