Is it only illegal to download copyrighted videos if I profit it off it?

xxredroses101xx 10/15/2018. 6 answers
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So, I found the perfect site to download anime episodes ( but I don't know if it's legal. I'm only going to make AMV's out of them. I'm not going to exploit or send them around. Or maybe I can just delete them afterwards?

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TStodden 10/16/2018.

The fact that you're questioning things probably suggests that you shouldn't proceed here. HOWEVER, I'll give you the definitive answer.

Unless you have permission from the copyright holders (in the case, the production company that made the anime in question), you are violating copyright laws by downloading & utilizing the content in those videos for anything you're making with them, EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT MAKING ANY MONEY FROM IT!

The few exceptions to this are...

* If the original creators released their content under a Creative Commons license. -- This is more common for independent artists than actual commercial releases, but CC licenses do allow others to utilize content without requesting permission from the copyright holders in specific conditions (most will utilize "By Attribution" & "Non-Commercial" clauses. Some may also include the "Share Alike" clause).

* Content has been released into the public domain -- Within the US, any content that is over 95 years old will have their copyrights expired for their original form (newer versions of the same content will have a different start date). While it's very rare, some copyright holders have renounced their ownership claims to release their content into the public domain ahead of time.

* Usage of content is very small -- Under fair use policy, you are generally permitted to utilize a very small amount of a copyrighted content. While the exact amount is subject to legal debates (somewhere in the realm of 10% or less of the full material referenced... but I'm NOT A COPYRIGHT LAWYER, SO DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS), it's best to keep it as little as possible. Some talk shows that use song clips will keep them very short to avoid paying royalties on the song.

It's important to note that once something is created & released online, it's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to remove as you cannot control who does with your content... even offline when your project group is more than one. If you're concerned about getting hit with a lawsuit, I don't recommend proceeding here.


JG 10/17/2018.

Back in the '80s and '90 people used to rent videos on VHS and copy them. That's pirating. That's illegal, because you aren't really supposed to do that, even if you don't intend on selling the copies.

I don't know too much about downloading copyrighted videos but I think what you're describing is pirating too. If you don't have permission from the copyright holders to download videos then yes it is illegal.

Squidmaster 10/16/2018.

Yes, it IS illegal.

Think of it this way: the act of providing it for illegal dowlonad is illegal. THen downloading it is akin to receiving stolden goods.

The law DOES regard it as illegal.

Isaac 10/16/2018.

Yeah I think

Kathy 10/16/2018.

Yes, it is illegal.

Bye 10/16/2018.

No it's still illegal even if all you do is watch & delete it. The point is not to keep you from selling them, the point is that when you watch a pirated copy, nothing like subscription revenue or ad revenue makes its way back to the original creators of the content. In other words, they don't get paid when you watch it via an illegal way.

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