Is a car from 2002 considered old or new?

Sally 10/14/2018. 43 answers
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Brett 10/17/2018.

I own nothing but early 2000s cars, the repairs are usually cheaper, by this time there is enough information on them to keep them running for a long time. Newer cars are a lot more expensive, older ones are relatively cheaper.

Blue-Eyed Soul Jim 10/16/2018.

Old as in 15 or 16

rick29148 10/16/2018.

My 'newest' car is a 2002; Rest are '90's.

Anonymous 10/15/2018.

It's old. Anything more than 3 years old is old.

However, it could be "new" as in unowned if it has never been owned by anyone but the dealership.

Jensen 10/15/2018.

To me, 10 years are old, but if it's in good condition and runs great, why would you even care how old is it?

regerugged 10/15/2018.

Very old.

jimanddottaylor 10/15/2018.

older than average, but if you have had some POS from the 80's, then a 2002 might look new (er)

Name Withheld 10/15/2018.

Your car is 16 model years old - soon to be 17.

In the US, the average age of all cars in service is 7.6 years - so yours is old by that standard. But modern cars last longer and have longer useful lives . . . . . also the "likeability" factor is greatly different from make-to-make: people keep Jeeps and Corvettes much longer than Minis or Fiats.

I'm a geezer and a car nut.....have owned 50+ cars of all makes and descriptions. When I was a school kid, we were shamed if our parents had a car more than 3 years old and as soon as I could afford it, I was trading cars every couple years. My present car is 12! . . . I've maintained it well and have will keep it as long as it holds-up because it's still stylish - and bigger, better, safer and more comfortable than anything I can buy today.

Richard 10/15/2018.

I'd say old. But if the car is in good condition, then old isn't necessarily bad.

James 10/17/2018.

I would say old is subjective

Caitlin 10/17/2018.

Quite old at this stage.

Grandpa 10/16/2018.

By the time a car is 16 years old they are old. Many of the modern vehicles are good for 300,000 miles. But a car with 16 years or nearly 300,000 miles is considered over the hill.

Ironically, if you had a Ford Ranger Pickup made in 2000, with 300,000 miles on it, it would be worth some major restoration because no one is making a similar vehicle right now and the Rangers are in high demand if in operable condition. They are not depreciating, but actually gaining in value. Comparatively, a car 16 years old in need of major repairs is probably not worth the price of a new engine because there are lots full of replacements all over any city.

Mr.Longrove 10/15/2018.

If that 2002 car has less than 20,000 miles on it, as far as I'm concerned, it's still new.

armouror is My Alias 10/15/2018.

I have a 1964 220Sb Mercedes Benz not old compared to My 1953 350 cc Ariel Motorcycle so my 2002 VW

Bora is a Youngster

another Thumbs down idiot thanks Nancy fingers

Katie 10/15/2018.

Old - if a vehicle is more than 3 years of age it is considered old.

DR + Mrs Bears face 10/15/2018.

Hi it is considered OLD as it has past the manufacturers designed life expectancy. this even in the prestige makes is just 7-8 years old. so even your Rolls Royce is consider an old Wreck if it is a 2002 model.

Happy Ahmed 10/15/2018.

Older than some, newer than many.

oklatom 10/15/2018.

Considered 16 years old.

y 10/18/2018.


dan 10/17/2018.

If it's more than 5 years old it's old in my book

KayleenR 10/17/2018.

New for me my new car is 1997

curmudgeon55 10/16/2018.

depends on how old you are- were you born after cars was made, just getting learners permit now? could you vote and legally drink in bars when car was made? did the federal government agency pay you $73.00/month basic plus found(food and bed space) to kill people a quarter century before car was made? For me a 2002 is NOT old, I'm riding at times vehicles NOT certified for ethanol fuels. that is what

I consider getting old- pre mid 1980s . .

Brave 10/15/2018.

Old , thats like nearly two decades old.

Bill 10/15/2018.

consider it old as it is 16 years old

Areeb 10/15/2018.

depends on the mileage

Anonymous 10/15/2018.

Depends what you are used to having...or can afford. Me while going to high school, what I could afford was anything in the area of 25+yrs. as they would cost several hundred dollars(something I could afford to buy completely with cash. What I see is what I get...private sales. I always could find a running vehicle that may just be old looking. It was a roof over my head when it rained;.and I used it for going to work after school. Year don't matter, just being mechanically sound...meaning some maintenance. The car is a tool, a machine.

Rick 10/15/2018.


cars are designed to last about 10 years.

audrey 10/15/2018.

Old. I have a 2001!

nick 10/20/2018.

Whatever you consider it to be

hanuman 10/18/2018.

Old or new is.

wheat 10/17/2018.

a new car is a brand new car straight from the new car dealer's lot. people are lazy and say they have a new car when they buy a used car. it is their newest car-not their new car.

Bubu 10/16/2018.

Depends on the country, brand and model.

I still drive a Moskvich from '76

james 10/16/2018.

Old here. To have a new old car. It must be less than 5 years old. When factory remanufactured. A new vehicle title issued to it. As a new vehicle. That is rebuilt motor, drive train, starter, alternator all rebuilt. New paint interior all. Just like new. They do not become old cars or used cars till after you sign to buy them. Cost about 1/2 of what they cost New,new.

Scott 10/15/2018.

Old. 2002 was 16 years ago.

? 10/15/2018.

old but the thing to look at is not how old but if it works well... as long as it takes u from point a to point b who cars

Bertsta 10/15/2018.

It's quite old at 16 years, but cars are generally very well made compared to those from mid-late last century, so it will last a long time if it's treated well

Sh 10/18/2018.

old you would need a new alternator and starter

Michael 10/17/2018.

Currently have a 2002, and it's old.

King Solomon 10/17/2018.

Listen up folks ! As soon as you drive off the lot your new car is no longer " New " . If you need proof drive back in and ask them to buy it from you .

Kevin 10/16/2018.

16 years ya that's old

Anonymous 10/16/2018.

Old but old isn't necessarily bad when it comes to cars. This all depends on how well the car was taken care of and routinely maintained. Cars nowadays are kinda like cell phones. For some people, a phone is just a method of communication and they don't need the latest and greatest features. For others, they often want the cutting edge technology and are able to afford it.

A car is a method of transportation. As long as your car gets you where you need to go safely, there is no need to get something brand new as it would be a waste of money. However, when your car begins to have problems and those problems become more serious/costly then it is worth considering buying a newer vehicle.

STEPHEN 10/15/2018.

Is a 16 year old car considered old or new? In no place on earth is a 16 year old car thought of as new.

It s old.

nt 10/15/2018.

Newer than my last car.. a 1994 model. Older than my current 2012 model.

A lot of people trade cars a lot. It costs them a lot of money.

I prefer to keep mine from 7-12 years, But I am almost 57 now and I have plenty of money and I can't take it with me when I die so I may look to upgrade after 4-6 years this time.

I would never buy brand new. But really old cars, like my 94 needed a repair more often just because it was so old.

Probably best to stay under 20 years old. - Download Hi-Res Songs