Can you a get a broadband deal at 16?

GTB 10/13/2018. 5 answers
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my home wifi is terrible and i want to get my own broadband. i’ve found one with vodaphone that does not need a landline.

5 Answers

GTB 10/21/2018.

why not beef up your home coverage; probably need another wireless access point

keerok 10/21/2018.

If you can prove you can pay then why not? Are your house electric, water and heating bills under your name?

Richard 10/21/2018.

Broadband or fast Internet? You could probably find a reasonable Pay-As-You-Go cellular deal providing 4g speeds. With no formal contract this should be fairly straight forward. Just top up the account as and when necessary.

Robsteriark 10/21/2018.

No. You’d need to sign a legally-binding contract, and as they cannot be enforced against minors no provider would agree to provide you a service until younare at least 18 years old.

If they offer the service on a prepaid credit basis, with no minimum term of service, then there’s no contract involved and you’d be good to go. But that would cost far more and I’m unaware of Vodafone offering the service on that basis.

Happy Ahmed 10/21/2018.


You can't enter into a legally binding contract at 16, in the eyes of the law you're still a child. - Download Hi-Res Songs