Is there any way to get wi-fi that doesnt require cabling or telephone wiring?

Husnain 10/11/2018. 7 answers
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GTB 10/17/2018.


VP 10/10/2018.

Yes. You get a device that uses the mobile phone network to connect itself to the Internet. Then it creates a small personal Wi-Fi network for your devices to connect to it. Commonly called a "Mi-Fi" or "My-Fi" device.

PoohBearPenguin 10/10/2018.

There's a few options:

Satellite, Microwave, or Laser based systems use a satellite dish or special antenna on your roof that is connected to a modem inside your house. If you don't (or can't) run wires at all, you could leave the modem on the roof (it is weatherproof) and simply use wifi to connect to it that way.

A few large cities, such as San Francisco, have metropolitan wifi networks. You'll get a wireless modem that you just put near a window in your house so that it can get a signal. You then connect to the modem using wifi as normal. As I mentioned, this is only available in a select few cities. (see [ Link ] for an example.)

BigE 10/10/2018.

You can use a MIFI and celluar data. There are several routers that just take a SIM, to easily get you wired access easily, (lots of MIFIs can only output WIFI and not wired).

It won't be cheap and it won't be fast compared to an ISP.

Anonymous 10/10/2018.

im not sure why people call the internet wifi these days but no. the packets of data have to travel to your house somehow. if you dont have any cables running to your house then your either gonna need to get them installed. which if they arent already probably means your out in the sticks and to run cable far enough to get internet will probably cost more then a house in beverly hills. your only option is to move or maybe get satellite internet.

Carlos 10/10/2018.

You could get a data plan

Anonymous 10/10/2018.

Yes, use your neighbors or you can get WiFi through a cellular hotspot, the latter isn't cheap though. - Download Hi-Res Songs