Should I buy a different brand charger?

Nick 10/10/2018. 5 answers
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I got an EBL battery charger for my 18650 batteries for my vape. I was reading reviews online and heard that it can catch fire and explode. Should I get a different charger? The reviews on Amazon were positive expect that two or three that mentioned it exploding.

5 Answers

khalil 10/21/2018.

the charger is x Volts ...y Amperes( maximum allowed current ) ...on pulling the current above this, it will get hot so may will fry.

the battery is z Volts t Amperes ( maximum charging current ) .... on charging the current above this, the battery will be damaged....risk of explosion!

1-if x is more than z, the resulting current, if more than y , damages the charger ...if more than t, damages the battery.... or explode it.

2- if x is less than z, there is no current so no charging.

on cellphone the temperature of battery is controled if it pulls more current, the conroller will switch off the battery.... to prevent explosion ...

now check the parameters.

Anonymous 10/21/2018.

Read your own question and pretend that somebody else asked it. What would be YOUR answer?

letmepicyou 10/21/2018.

Personally, I took a cheap 18650 charger, opened it up, bypassed the internal circuitry, ran external wires with banana plugs, and now use my HiTec RC car battery charger to charge my 18650's. You can set ANY setting with a decent digital RC charger, from voltage to current, and it'll charge any battery type you can imagine.

Hannah 10/21/2018.

maybe just stop vaping

Defective 10/21/2018.

how about u stop vaping first also dont be a ritard and leave on the charger all night - Download Hi-Res Songs