How do I write a letter on a Mac with out a word processor?

npassen114 10/10/2018. 10 answers
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10 Answers

Andy T 10/14/2018.

Use Google Docs, I assume you can use it on Safari on a Mac, or hopefully Google Chrome itself.

abigali 10/14/2018.

"a letter". I'm on a Mac and not using

joe 10/14/2018.

Use a magic marker!

SRΛSC 10/14/2018.

Use online alternatives.

Apple, Google & Microsoft all have online versions of their word processors available to use

PoohBearPenguin 10/07/2018.

Download Libre Office. It's free and includes a word processor that's very similar to MS Word. It can actually read and save files in MS Office format too.

bocephusmcguire 10/07/2018.

Lay the screen down flat, put a piece of paper on it. Write on the paper with a pencil.

Goose 10/07/2018.

"a letter". I'm on a Mac and not using a word processor.

KY-Clay 10/07/2018.

Use Text Edit. It can be found in your applications.

Barry Manilow 10/07/2018.

Pages. It's free. Should already be included with the OS. If not get it free from the App Store.

Happy Ahmed 10/07/2018.


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