How do I scan a TV not connected to cable?

Cat 10/09/2018. 10 answers
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Veronica Thompson 10/16/2018.

scan tv means PRINTER so do that if its flat

Rychul 10/16/2018.

don't know.

roberto 10/16/2018.

a digital converter gets local free tv as in cbs abc nbc,& pub networks,insignia makes a great device,you need a rabbitears,maybe a signal amplifier ( radio shacks sold a zillion of these)

then set the device to scan available channels


AVDADDY 10/16/2018.

All of your answers are in the manual.

don r 10/16/2018.

Read the instructions. If the TV has a digital tuner, set the menu to find channels after you attach an antenna aimed at the TV station transmitter. It will scan stations and memorize the ones it finds so you can switch to them.

spacemissing 10/16/2018.

If you mean

"How can I program all the available channels into a TV without doing a channel scan?"

... you will need to program them manually, one at a time, using the remote.

Refer to the Owner's Manual to find out how to do it with your specific TV.

khalil 10/16/2018.

transfer the channels from the memory IC of another similar tv that was scanned before into the memory IC of this tv..

Crim Liar 10/16/2018.

Do you mean scan for programmes? If so then the TV would need to be connected to either an antenna or a dish (if not cable), and you'd then select the scan option from the TV setup menus!

*Most modern TVs will require the original remote in order to do this - programmable remotes are often not suitable!

Greg 10/16/2018.

What does scan a TV mean?

PoohBearPenguin 10/16/2018.

...with your scanner...?

What do you mean by "Scan" and why does being connected to cable, or not, an factor? - Download Hi-Res Songs