Can i get in trouble for using sick hours more than once a week?

StephenWeinstein 10/08/2018. 11 answers
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I called out yesterday. I am sick right now. My mom wants me to go somewhere with her friday and monday involving family. If i call out Friday and Mondsy would I get in trouble? By the way I know I already asked a question similar but this is me asking if I can use my sick hours if I cannot get a coworker to cover...

11 Answers

StephenWeinstein 10/08/2018.

If you call out sick when you are healthy so that you can go somewhere with your mother, then you can get in trouble.

xfilesfan 10/08/2018.

Yes, you can get in trouble for calling off so often. Yes, you can get in trouble for using sick hours when you aren’t actually sick. Yes, your boss can require a doctor’s note for sick days.

You called off this weekend and you are calling off the day before and the day after next weekend. Your boss isn’t dumb.

Judy 10/08/2018.

No, but you can get in trouble for calling off sick when you aren't.

Mamawidsom 10/08/2018.

Yes. If you worked for me, I'd fire you. Sick time is for being SICK, not shopping or going on family outings. Either you want to work and will be reliable and dedicated or you are not mature enough to hold a job.

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

You are not mature enough to have a job. You need to quit and let a real worker have it.

Eva 10/08/2018.

Calling out 4 times in a week, especially Fridays and Mondays probably will get you fired if you don't find someone to cover your shifts. Social engagements do not take precedence over work.

Jim 10/08/2018.

You should quit this job because you are either walking dogs or going out.

n2mama 10/08/2018.

Yes, you could get in trouble. You also could get asked for a doctor's note, which you wouldn't be able to provide, and that could get you in trouble. Depending on a number of factors (like how long you've been there, your overall job performance, the store's current staffing, etc.) you could end up losing your job over misuse of sick time.

NA 10/08/2018.

And when your employer demands a copy of your doctor bill, what will you say?

Tavy 10/08/2018.

Yes you can, you are unreliable. They need people to work, not go out with relatives.

C 10/08/2018.

I call out sick when I'm sick. (duh) If I want time off to go visit relatives, take a long weekend to go away, or leave early to attend a banquet with the man-friend, I ask, "May i have time off to visit relatives" "Would it be okay to take along weekend?" or "I'd like leave early to go to a banquet with my man-friend on Saturday,if that's all right."

See how simple that is? I don't use sick time for social engagements. I use it when I'm sick. I take unpaid time off when I'm inconveniencing my colleagues for social engagements. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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