Who is the most overrated player for each of these teams?

ZolGOD 10/08/2018. 11 answers
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BQ: who is the most overrated player out of the ones you listed?

11 Answers

ZolGOD 10/08/2018.

United - Alexis Sanchez 500k a week to score only 4 goals in 25 games?

Spurs - Hugo Lloris.

Liverpool - Not sure

Chelsea - Luiz maybe? But he’s great for Sarri ball.

Arsenal - Ozil.

City - Mahrez.

Alexis Sanchez is definitely the most overrated player in the world. 500k a week! I repeat 500k! To score 4 goals and lead the team to mid table!

Francis 10/09/2018 at 21:06.


United - too many contenders at the moment. Probably Pogba closely followed by Sanchez

Spurs - Alli

Liverpool - Salah on this season's form but Henderson if he returns to last season's level

Chelsea - Luiz by a mile

Arsenal - Ozil

City - Sterling

Wossy 10/09/2018 at 21:06.

United - Rashford

Spurs - Alli/Alderweird

Liverpool - Salah

Chelsea - People are naming guys like Fabregas and Barkley even though no-one rates them in the first place. The correct answer is Morata.

Arsenal - Xhaka

City - Sterling

David 10/09/2018 at 21:06.

Pogba's the most overrated player in Europe. EWhen he has poor or average games his fans try to claim he played well (first game of the season vs Leciester) a even when he has a good game people act like he should be playing for Brazil 1970 (like the weekend's game where he played fairly well in the second half but some of the praise has been completely over the top). For some reason people can't wait to lavish praise on him, and are reluctant to criticise him; it's bizarre and the vert definition of overrated. Not saying he's not talented or a good player, but the praise he gets is ridiculous and he comes nowhere close to backing it up to be honest.

Anonymous 10/08/2018.







John 10/08/2018.







for 100m pogba is definitely not worth it. too much use of skills instead of using his ability wisely

King Cristiano 10/08/2018.

Manchester Utd - Pogba, he is seen as world class by many but he's never been world class.

Tottenham - Son Heung Min, I've never seen him as anything more than average.

Liverpool - Allison, I don't think he's as good as many think.

Chelsea - Kante, he was hyped as the best midfielder in Europe for a while and a declining Barcelona team embarrassed him.

Arsenal - Ramsey

Manchester City - Leroy Sane

Most overrated of the ones listed, Pogba or Sane, PL fans think these are top world class players but they are far from it.

Nabinho 10/08/2018.






Gabriel Jesus (easily the most overrated by century miles out of the bunch)

Anonymous 10/08/2018.


Eric Dier

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Ross Barkley

Danny Welbeck

John Stones

Ryan 10/08/2018.

Is that Newcastle United and Cardiff City? Lol




Chelsea not sure

Again not sure honestly for Arsenal atm

Man City is Sterling

I will say most overrated is Pogba

MUFC 10/08/2018.

United, Martial, a lot of fans act like he's the second coming of jesus and is being held back in the team but he's never been a star player for years

spurs, their whole team is overrated but defintiely eriksen is the most, never scores, his free kicks are overrated and always go over, he makes no impact

liverpool, hard choice between salah and firmino but i'll have to say salah for being a proven one season wonder and complete flop

chelsea, hazard, people say he's up there with messi but he's never had a good game in europe or internationals

arsenal, aubameyang, only dominated the crap german league and hasn't stood out as a top level prem player

man city, kompany not even top 20 all time pl cb's yet he's being shoved down our throats as a legend

most overrated - hazard for being compared to messi when even a declining messi is outperforming him without breaking a sweat

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