What text editor can be used on Linux to view and edit the contents of a configuration file?

Hotboi903 10/08/2018. 5 answers
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5 Answers

vote_libertarian_in_2008 10/09/2018.

I use gedit because it comes with Linux. I sure wish I could use Notepad++ without having to install WINE.


PoohBearPenguin 10/09/2018.

Any of them.

vi / vim





Just about any of them will work, just don't use a word processor. They don't handle plain text files very well unless you're careful.

Joe 10/08/2018.

You'll have vi or vim installed, but they are hard to use.

Which graphical editor is installed depends on your distribution. Could be mousepad, leafpad, kate, kwrite, or a bunch of others.

Whatever you use, you will either have to start it in superuser mode, or first make the configuration file writeable by all.

Chris 10/08/2018.

nano, vim, gedit, brackets, atom

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