Do you feel good about yourself having spent 1000+ on a bicycle?

Mark 10/08/2018. 8 answers
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.. It's a pushbike

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David 10/11/2018.

Here s how it works:

Very few actually HAVE to ride a bicycle. It s a CHOICE, a hobby.

For most of us it has the same practical importance as buying a new gaming computer, a new fly fishing rod, camera, gun, scope etc.

I d be SAD if I couldn t ride, but I wouldn t suffer. I d still be able to work, keep up with my payments, keep my home.

In the grand scale of things, no big deal. There are other ways to get around, exercise and have fun.

So any attempt at comparing how "sensible" one hobby spend is compared to another is basically pointless.

The "it s a pushbike" part doesn t make any sense.

What you re left with is:

1) do you have 1000 units to spend on a hobby while still paying for the unavoidable costs of life?

2) is the 1000 units a reasonable price for that item compared to market value?

3) are you reasonably certain you ll get "enough" enjoyment out of it?

If the answer to all above is "yes", I d be entirely content with spending 1000 units on the hobby item of my choice, whether it s a pushbike, a welder, a crate of rare beer or whatever.

blazingpedals 10/11/2018.

Is this a troll question? Does the purchase make me feel good about myself? No, I already feel good about myself. Regarding spending what you obviously feel is an unjustifiable sum for a bicycle that could be had for $150 at Wally World: I ride my bikes thousands of miles per year; and if I can afford it and it makes me happy, then it's a good purchase. But if you're incapable of discerning the difference between a $150 bike and a $2500 bike; or if it's destined to hang in the garage anyway, then the extra amount would be money wasted.

Terrence B 10/11/2018.

I feel good about my bike purchases because the bikes meets my demands. If you're talking road bikes, many entry to mid level bikes are in the $1,000+ range. While price is important, your comfort and enthusiasm is just as important. My race bikes set me back several thousand dollars each, but I race. They meet my needs. I also have a hybrid that I like to ride that was only $650. That one I love riding too.

Bike pricing is a relative thing. If you look at the R&D and materials used in bicycles, you'll see what I mean. A $1500 road bicycle might sound like it's priced steep but take those materials and apply that to a car and you have a something like a BMW M3 or M5. $5K bike? Think McLaren 720 or Lamborghini Aventador. $10K+ bikes? You're talking extensive use of exotic materials such as what is used in million dollar cars. That's usually how I explain it to most people.

pmt853 10/10/2018.

I usually feel reasonably good about myself anyway. Buying the right bike for the right price feels good, but it's all about getting out and actually riding the bike that makes me feel it was worth it. My currency is £ sterling, so £1k is a lot more tan $1k. I've only bought one bike that cost over £1k, a hardtail Merlin Malt (replacing a Merlin Rock Lobster that was stolen) which is a fine bike that does a lot of miles and is now over specced for my relatively modest use - still a great off-road bike though and reasonably on the road too with semi-slick tyres.

Jon 10/08/2018.

Do you mean spending over 1000 units of some currency buying the vehicle, or spending over a thousand hours riding it?

If the time spent riding - yes.

If the cost of the bike (in sterling, in my case), it has proved a good investment, so if you count feeling I made the right buying decision as "feeling good about myself" then yes.

OldHippie 10/08/2018.

A) A person need NOT spend $1,000 (if that's the currency you're referring to) to own a good bicycle. I've found two of them well below the manufacturer's suggested retail price simply because they were a year old model that didn't sell and one that was slightly used (and I do mean SLIGHTLY) at an authorized Giant retailer.

B) You've got to look at quality & longevity of the product. What good is spending $200 at a discount store if you'll be replacing it every few years? Or if it needs constant upgrades, repairs & attention? I've been down that road before. No thank you. NEVER AGAIN!

C) One bike I did spend slightly over $1,000 on is my 2011 Raleigh Sojourn touring bike. It's been through HELL & BACK. It's like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going & going & going... Naturally, I've used it a few times to go "touring". But much more than'll HAUL a LOT of weight. It's what I use to go get groceries. You won't find a bike at a discount store that'll stand up to that kind of use & ABUSE. The spokes on the rear wheel will soon start popping and/or the rear wheel will start to look like a Pringle's Potato Chip.

Do I feel good about owning quality bicycles? No... I'm ECSTATIC about it.

Mtrlpqbiker 10/08/2018.

1000+ in what currency? High quality is very often worth the money. Example: In 1973 I paid $500 CDN for a Raleigh Professional road bike. Everything on it was of the highest quality available at the time. In fact, the next year, the world cycling championships were held in my city and when I watched the road race I saw quite a few riders on the same bike I had purchased the year before. This bike was so good that when I took up amateur road racing 20 years later, even though my bike was a bit out of date, I was able to compete and even win podium spots in races, including a national championship in the individual time trial. That $500 I spent back in 1973 is equal to much more than that in any currency today. Over the 27 years I owned the bike I felt very very good about that money. I would probably still be riding it today if I hadn't trashed the frame in a race crash in 2000.

After that crash I transferred the components onto another frame and rode on for another year or two until I purchased more up to date components. I still have all those original components and they are all still in excellent condition.

Edit: Balderdash! bikes made in the 1970's were no better made than current bikes at the same relative price point in 2018 dollars. A $500 1973 bike would be a $5000+ bike today. For that much money you could buy a bike that would be superior in every way compared to my 1973 Raleigh Professional. High quality components made in China today are are not rubbish. They are high quality, period...

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

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