Even though the Bible is the word of God why is it still so difficult for the whole world to read?

David at Your Service 10/08/2018. 41 answers
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I don't get why the bible is so excruciatingly long! Even if you are completely illiterate there is no excuse why anyone including myself can't at least listen to the Bible through audio and for those of us who can read why do so many of us have bibles but even if we aren't actively employed struggle to...

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David at Your Service 10/08/2018.

Even the Bible admits that some parts of it are difficult to understand (2Pet 3:16), and thus it's understandable why some would request help understanding it (Ac 8:30-31). I have a theory why this is so based on the story of Naaman the leper (2Kg 5).

Naaman wanted his leprosy healed. God could have just healed him right there in his home country of Syria. Instead he had to travel hundreds of miles, and then after arriving in Palestine, Elisha told him to dip in the River Jordan seven times. It appears that God only wants followers that are willing to put some significant effort into their relationship with him. Maybe this is so because such followers are more likely to be faithful and do the hard work required of them as Christians. Obviously reading a book around an inch thick would take some significant effort. Think of it as a filtering mechanism, filtering out those that want some sort of relationship with God as long as it doesn't inconvenient them too much. Naaman was almost "filtered out" himself because of his initial refusal to be immersed in the Jordan River to cleanse himself of this leprosy. Just a guess.

jaymark 10/09/2018.

Not everyone will understand the Bible because they allow Satan to influence their thinking and attitude towards the Bible and its message. Yet millions of people in all countries of the earth have made an effort to study the Bible with God's help through prayer.

Anyone can obtain a free downloaded copy of the Bible with a common questions section as a foreword and an appendix of study notes, maps and illustrations to make bible study interesting.

Forrest Toney 10/08/2018.

For even .00001% to read .

Otto 10/08/2018.

Many see it as a lengthy book that is sometimes hard to understand.

But all can find a help. Jehovah's Witnesses offer a free program of home Bible study.

Millions of people the world over have benefited from this program. Many of them have come to this thrilling conclusion : "I have found the Truth! See : John 8:32.

Publius 10/08/2018.

It wasn't written for entertainment. That's why it's difficult to persist in reading it.

Samwise 10/08/2018.

It took me a very long time before I succeeded in reading the whole thing, systematically so I could be sure I hadn't missed any of it.

One of the main observations I took away from the exercise is an understanding that calling it "the word of God" is not meant to suggest it's some kind of divine manifesto. It's more of a collection of excerpts from about a thousand years of arguments. It's "the word" in that it's a written record' it's "of God" in the sense that how God relates to us, and what God wants of us, is one of the main issues in dispute.

It's so difficult to read because the many writers were not all aiming for the same conclusions, or writing under similar circumstances. It's even more difficult to understand, because a thousand years is enough time for a lot of changes in historical context and in attitude.

oldprof 10/08/2018.

The bible was written by dozens of men living in ancient times. So it's filled with internal contradictions and inconsistencies. And that makes it difficult to understand just exactly what it's trying to tell us.

On top of the inconsistencies, it was written in ancient languages that needed to be translated. So we also get variations in the translations. For example, Thou shalt not kill in the OT reads as Thou shalt not murder in the Torah.

Finally, the NT especially is written as story telling parables. So we are obliged to interpret the meaning of those stories. And such interpretations are arguable.

Caesar 10/08/2018.

Most atheists who know the Bible had read the Bible when they were believers and those points that show immorality and contradiction did help some religious people now atheists to understand that religions are a jumble of false assertions, with no basis in reality and the very idea of gods is a product of the human imagination.

Reading the Bible makes it easy to understand or argue that the supposedly loving and forgiving God of some versions of the Abrahamic God of the Bible is more like a “genocidal,” “a cosmic bully,” and that god is also supposedly responsible and did makes that mythical creature that Christians blame for anything “evil”, mythically speaking of course.

The Bible is a secular academic discipline, just like 19th century French poetry. People of all faiths (and no faith) attend universities, obtain advanced degrees in textual criticism, ancient history, archaeology, etc., and then specialize in the study of the Bible, just like scholars study any other work of ancient literature. I do know that some of them are atheists and/or agnostics...

? 10/08/2018.

Remember the Bible says that Satan is the ruler of the world today. He doesn't want anyone reading God's Word and will give all manner of diversions to keep us from doing so. Therefore we must put forth diligent and prayerful effort to read God's word. Being that many find it easier these days to do things online, provisions have been made by God's people to read the Bible online as well. This may prove helpful to you. Also, you can take advantage of a free home Bible study to help you in your reading. Just go to the site below and click the link to Request A Bible Study.

Chi girl 10/08/2018.

I can't speak for the whole world and neither can you. Probably everyone finds *some* verses problematic but, overall, the New Testament isn't hard to understand. Start with that.

In the 4th century the Bible canon was established by the bishops of the Christian Church founded at Pentecost.

jon pike 10/08/2018.

Sir Edmond Hillary, the first man to climb Mt. Everest, was asked how he was able to scale the highest mountain in the world. He replied, "One rock at a time."

No one can eat the entire Thanksgiving dinner all at once. But you can take one small bite at a time. The same is true for the Bible.

Ocimom 10/08/2018.

Because in order to understand the Bible, you need to have a relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Once you do that you can understand and want more of the Bible. If you don't have that, you won't understand the Bible and you will treat it as any other book.

Jess 10/08/2018.

The Bible is the Word of God, and it's not difficult, and it's not a problem for the whole world to read. Having one Book that tells you everything you need to know, would be long, not short.

Jesus is God! Jesus loves you! Death leads to immediate heaven or hell, and it is too late to be saved, after death. The only way to heaven is by believing in Jesus. The truth is that believing in Jesus to take you to heaven apart from any of your works, is the only way to heaven. Jesus paid it all, so believe in Jesus, and you're saved. There is no chance to be saved after death. Jesus Christ is God, Jesus died on the cross to pay for all of our sins, all sins past and future, to make all our sins forgiven, past and future, and then Jesus resurrected from the dead. Nothing else pays for our sins, not works or deeds or religions or anything. You cannot add any works to salvation (Romans 4:5). So to be in heaven and not in eternal torment in the lake of fire, believe in Jesus Christ to take you to heaven. That easy! Tell Jesus right now that you believe in Jesus for eternal life, and you will be in heaven! Jesus loves you and wants to bless you now and throughout your life and forever!..

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

What Are the Keys to Understanding the Bible?

Regardless of your background, it is possible to understand God’s message in the Holy Scriptures

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

The thing is, The Bible quite obviously isn't "the word of God". I guess that, to a Christian, it contains God's message but it certainly doesn't even pretend to be the actual word of God. If it did, then it would be written in the first person - God is referred to in the third person (even my Jesus) unless in dialogue. Also, "The Bible" that most of us are familiar with is a tranlation of a selection of writings.

Raystina 10/08/2018.

Because many do not appreciate that it is an

exciting gift from God. It gives us information that we can’t find anywhere else. For example, it tells us that God created the heavens and earth

and the first man and woman. It gives us principles that can help us when we have problems. In the Bible, we learn how God will accomplish his purpose to make the earth a better place.

Reading a few verses each day in modern English will make it more enjoyable. JW.ORG click on, “Read the Bible Online”

Jea 10/08/2018.

You begin with a false premise, and it goes down hill from there.

Juli 10/08/2018.

You should be ashamed of yourself for asking this stupid question.

Paul 10/08/2018.

The Bible is long because it was not written as a book. It is a collection of early Jewish and Catholic writings, compiled into book form by the bishops of the Catholic Church at the direction of the Pope, in the 4th Century. There were many such writings to be included, which resulted in a rather large book.

Mack 10/08/2018.

"Even though the Bible is the word of God" is not a valid premise.

Abiyah Messianic Torah 10/09/2018.

The Bible is not that difficult to understand when filled with the Spirit of YHVH GOD, a lot of the Bible is Prophecy, History and Future events.

wombatfreaks 10/09/2018.

Biblical literacy is at an all time high in the US , as many as a third of all American Christians will read the bible at least once in their lives. Naturally the numbers are lower in other countries, but that could change if more of them achieve basic literacy

Robert S 10/09/2018.

The Bible is not a book to be read cover to cover. It consists of 72+ different books.

They were written between 5000 & 2000 years ago; in many different styles, from myth, poetry, history, & wisdom.

Christopher 10/08/2018.

Satan the Devil and human laziness

Jim 10/08/2018.

It isn't. Not if you put in a little effort and read it with an open mind.

poldi2 10/08/2018.

I don't find reading the Bible hard, I have read it completely several times.

GRANNY NORINE 10/08/2018.

It's not as difficult to read as that "run on" sentence in your update!

MaryBlue 10/08/2018.

It's not difficult. Especially if you have fellowship and the Holy Spirit. And like you said, one could always listen to it. No excuses.

ALL HAIL JESUS! 10/08/2018.

Only by the Spirit of God indwelling a man can he understand the heart of the author behind the words.

God doesn't throw pearls to swine. He has blinded the eyes of the wicked, and they can bearly hear.

No Chance Without Jesus 10/08/2018.

They are working on a Dr Seuss Version

It is a complex study and you need the Holy Spirit of God to help you through it.

If you are saved, try taking small bites, read a few verses at a time and think about them

If you are not saved, there is really no point in reading it

gaylee 10/10/2018.

The Bible is so difficult for the whole world to read because of what is stated at 2corinthian 4:3-4(" it says that the God of this system of things blind the mind of unbeliever so that good news about Christ and Almighty God may not shine in the minds of unbelievers.

K 10/09/2018.

God’s word the Bible according to Luke 10:21 that God has hidden these things from the intellectual ones but revealed them to young children. God’s word also tells us that God has to draw a person to Him.

Robert 10/09/2018.


It is not "long".

It is split into books.

In later times the books were split (not too well but adequately) into chapters, and verses (sentences).

Simply obtain an accurate modern translation into your own language, or read in the original. Avoid English translations that use old-English.

By the way, one of the things that may possibly add to putting people off, is overuse of the word "And", in at least English translations. In particular overusing it at the beginning of paragraphs, and even at the beginning of individual sentences.

It is possible the Hebrew letter "Vav" ("and") may originally have doubled as punctuation of some sort.

(While reading it, try overlooking the examples of overused "and")

I hope this helps, and was not too long!


I hope this helps.


David 10/08/2018.

The Twitter Generation thinks everything should be summed up in 140 letters. Sorry, but if you want to understand the Bible, you have to rise to its level, not drag it down to yours. "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2nd Timothy 2:15, KJV). Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Alondra Gutierrez 10/08/2018.

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭2:14‬ Because the majority of the whole world aren’t spiritual they won’t understand the spiritual implications of the Bible. Why? Because they aren’t saved. When a person gets saved we receive an earnest expectation of the Spirit that helps us understand and guide us while reading. “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭4:12‬ ‭The Bible also is the only book that when a person reads it dicserns their intentions and their heart. “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”2Tim2:15‬ ‭ How? Read Rom16:24-25

PhotonX 10/08/2018.

How did you come to that conclusion? Because that was what you were told? Surely you don't believe every story you hear--you can't, or you'd have to believe in every supernatural belief ever conceived of. So what makes you think you were lucky enough to pick the right one? But just think how implausible it all sounds: you're being asked to believe that your life is magically ruled by invisible supernatural beings no one can credibly claim to have ever seen, but with whom believers claim to be in telepathic communication, despite the fact that there is utterly no tangible evidence for either such beings or for any kind of an afterlife.


So what's stopping you? It isn't as though the Bible isn't available in audiobook form. What I really find baffling, though, is the fact that you were willing to profess belief in scriptures you've never even read, along with whatever additional dogma whichever church you joined adds on. Is the promise of an unproven afterlife really worth sacrificing all reason and rationality?


So listen to yourself--if this message really is the most important message ever received by humankind, and the need to believe it so important to God that our (supposed) eternal lives are at stake, why would it be so impossible to understand? Why wouldn't Jesus just write his own gospel, nice and clear and concise? Instead, it seems as though a bunch of humans just made it up, doesn't it?



capitalgentleman 10/08/2018.

You don't seem to know what the Bible is. The word "Bible" comes from biblios, which means library. The Bible is in fact a collection of many books - 66, 73, or 74, depending on which version you have. You can read each book individually - some take only a few minutes, and even the longest ones only a few hours. It is MUCH easier to understand that way.

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Up until prayers were removed form all public schools, the country, if not whole world was as you are asking, crimes were remote. With in a few years rules removed, rules were being broke in public schools, with in a few more years 16 olds were killing neighbors!... New Police stations were built in counties and towns!

Jails had had empty cells! Since the late 1960s jails are over packed!

Look at life in movies from the 1950s and before. So different and caring for others! Have you ever seen the 1930s "My Man Godfrey"? Still popular today!

As of 2007 tests were finished on ALL that the Atheists had claimed as their proofs and it is Science that discovered ALL that the Atheists had used are fakes! Most of their so posit "millions year old fossils" are really New BONES from the already known of animals! ...

After this a Federal law was past that requires All Atheism removed from All public schools! ALL the confirmed History in the Bible is now required to be taught in ALL public school! Look around, maybe you will see students with Bibles?

This is only the history taught from Bibles. Not metaphors and the other things. Lets hope and pray the Bible will get into ALL these students and changes for GOD will come to be.

RaedWulf 10/08/2018.

Because a lot of people may read at a 3rd grade level

The Gnome 10/08/2018.

If, as you say, that the bible is the word of god, then your god does not exist. A god, by definition, is not a psychopathic killer, is not ignorant, and does not lie.

pugwashjw 10/09/2018.

Satan is always trying to mis-lead many...

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