Will algebra REALLY be necessary for adulthood or do teachers hate us?

Gwen 10/08/2018. 17 answers
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poldi2 10/08/2018.

Every job requires math, algebra is actually very useful in retail, wholesale, replenishment, logistics, supply chain, and warehousing.

dave i 10/11/2018.

No algebra is utter nonsense !it's like learning another language !and there's no point in learning it unless you want to get a job teaching it. But You only need to know how to add subtract multiply and divide in life .algebra and geometry are crap, it's all a scam to fill people's brains with useless Bull and waste their time and energy . Besides that,anything that is math related at is best left to computers ..

JG 10/09/2018.

You need SOME form of math in everyday life. Business people use algebra when calculating things like costs, revenues and profits. Engineers use algebra and even calculus when designing structures.

You may need to use algebra when figuring out mixtures.Or when figuring out measurements for something, Or volume or area. Or speeds and distances. And so on.

You need to know how to count when you buy stuff. How would you know if someone was giving you correct change or not if you didn't know how to count?

husoski 10/08/2018.

Teachers don't hate you. The school board and textbook writers? Well, maybe. The textbook publishers? It seems very likely.

I spent a dozen or so years in retirement from a software engineering career helping students with learning issues deal with algebra. Even with a modified curriculum, it was difficult for most of them--but not for the reasons that you might think. The textbooks were nearly useless. Over that time I saw things published by Pearson, McGraw-Hill, AGS, and others in actual use; and thumbed through offerings from others during the great "Common Core" migration.

They are indexed to standards, color coded, multilingual, multicultural, nicely illustrated, and almost entirely unreadable. And they weigh a ton each.

The truth as I see it that pretty much anyone can live a full life without algebra. But, the person who knows mathematics beyond grade-school arithmetic has an advantage over someone who doesn't. Seriously.

What I suggested to any student that I though might actually listen is this: "You have to be in a math class an hour a day for at least three school years in high school if you want to graduate. That's about 180 hours per typical academic year plus at least 20 hours of homework (assuming a little over an hour per week per class) to get 200 hours per year, 600 of them over 3 years. You can either try to learn something during those hours and come away with something, or not. Your choice. What do you want to get for your time spent? Something or nothing?

The other thing I try to point out is that the interesting bits of math, the ones that might actually be fun, are typically not the ones taught in class. But, like playing a sport or playing a musical instrument, it's hard to appreciate the fun parts if you haven't developed some skills.

Born Yesterday 10/08/2018.

You probably take reliable cell phone service, MRI diagnosis, medical dosing, and sky scraper structural stability for granted..

You've probably been a passenger on a commercial aircraft making 600 knots at 10 km, or on a suspension bridge in a passenger car. Technology rests on Mathematics light years beyond Algebra.

To be honest, 9 out of 10 people never learn it, but everyone owes a debt of gratitude to those who did.

You can live without it, or take advantage of YouTube and Yahoo!Answers to learn.

It's up to you.
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Peoria guy 10/08/2018.

You can definitely get by without algebra as an adult. However, some of the best paying, most interesting jobs use it, so it's to your advantage to learn it.

Yo Momma 10/08/2018.

Never used algebra....EVER. It's a pointless waste of time.

YYYZZ 2 10/08/2018.

Algebra and mathematics are essential in grown-up living.


TomV 10/08/2018.

The two postulates are not mutually exclusive. It is possible for both to be true.

daniel g 10/08/2018.

You expect to get into any good high end career,you are going to need it.

I know it may seem intimidating to a lot of people,but it is the easy stuff.

llaffer 10/08/2018.

I use some form of math almost every day.

? 10/08/2018.

yes. part of algebra is generalized arithmetic. also algebra now covers discrete math.

algebra gives you a general facility with numbers which you need.

price shopping at the grocery store? the best unit price is?

dimensional analysis. how much will that trip cost given the distance and the price of gas?

your calculator displays large and small numbers with Es in them. what does that mean?

ratios and proportions? algebra.

scientific notation? algebra

how big a garden hose do you need?

how much paint?

those statistics you see in the newspaper? What do they mean?

do you like to play the lottery or bet the horses? is that a good idea?

how long to run the microwave?

need to mix metric and customary units?

and so on.

Solving problems will be something you will need to do. Unless your job is replaced by a robot.

Dixon 10/08/2018.

It is very unlikely you will ever use it and in fact it is unlikely you will use any mathematics you didn't already cover by age 11 unless you become an engineer or scientist.

Michael E 10/08/2018.

The symbolic formulas won't be particularly necessary. But the processes that are learned as part of algebra are used often.

Luca 10/08/2018.

Some algebra is very useful even in everyday life, plus learning to think a bit logically won't hurt.

After that yes, if your plan is to become a taxi driver or bricklayer math won't help you, but there are many people who might want to become economists, scientists, engineers, and so on, for them math is super important and it can't be tought all at university.

GTB 10/08/2018.

I use it virtually every day; it is essential to me; no I am NOT an academic (teacher, employee of any educational system)

nbsale 10/08/2018.

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