Can I marry an American for citizenship?

StephenWeinstein 10/08/2018. 17 answers
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I'm 24 female

17 Answers

StephenWeinstein 10/09/2018.

No. If citizenship is the reason for citizenship, then you cannot get citizenship. To get citizenship, you must either remain unmarried or marry only for other reasons -- and it's better to remain unmarried until you have citizenship, because it's almost impossible to satisfy the government that citizenship was not the reason for the marriage.

ibu guru 10/08/2018.

No. That's visa fraud/marriage fraud. Mandatory revocation of any visa/immigration benefit, including revocation of any green card, even citizenship, if there is any fraud at any step of the process.

Furthermore, your partner in crime is subject to 5 years in prison (can be up to 10 years, depending on charges), plus $250,000 fine. Are you paying for all that?

YYYZZ 2 10/08/2018.

Yes. But not as easy as it sounds.


Robin 10/08/2018.

depends on which american country

findinglifeodd 10/08/2018.

It does speed up the naturalization process. You have to be married for 3 years (but given the bureaucracy, it could still take longer).

HOWEVER ...... the government can arrest both of you if the marriage is considered a "sham".

For the most part, you would both be defrauding the US Government.

In addition, you could be considered defrauding other institutions (banking, insurance, etc) by trying to take advantage of certain "perks" that often come with legal marriages.

So ... if you went down this route, and you aren't "in love" ... then both of you risk going to jail, getting hit with fines, and YOU would risk getting deported (especially with the Trump administration ... assuming he didn't deport you sooner)

busterwasmycat 10/08/2018.

you can, but not openly.

Alex 10/08/2018.

Do you have a nice thigh gap?

Republican 10/08/2018.

You can marry me but I have a high sex drive I expect satisfied daily.

Dmitri 10/08/2018.

You can marry me I just expect blowjobs on occasion

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Yes you can but beware of the consequences of marriage.

T'rone 10/10/2018.

Yes but check into others who have done it. They ask weird questions like 'how many windows are in your house' and 'which drawer to you use'.

Carol 10/09/2018.

Yes you can, is a fraud but many desperate immigrants does it. For very few works, but not for everyone. I know a girl whom work really hard to save money and offered over $10K to a lazy white American to married her for papers, and the lazy good for nothing weed head American took advantage of the situation and forced her into sex, then didn’t show up to the immigration interview and disappeared with the money. I also know about a guy that pay 15k to a fat white anglo, she was like 300 lbs, single mother of 5 kids from 3 different fathers. The woman took the money and then disappeared, then he found out she married 2 other guys at the same time and scam them as well. Marriage for papers is too risky, save your money and then go back to your country for a fresh start, don’t feed lazy seccion 8 food stamp scammers, let that garbage stink under the bridge begging for our hard worked dimes.

Maxi 10/09/2018.

You mean can you break the law and commit visa fraud.

SCATTY c 10/09/2018.

Marriage to an American might make it easier to get citizenship, but it is not a God-given right. Your American spouse would need to meet certain criteria in order to sponsor you.

Marriage, solely to gain citizenship is highly illegal. YOU would be deported and fined (never to gain access to any first world country any time soon) and your spouse fined and imprisoned. So think very carefully

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

No you can't and I hope that ICE swoops in to pick you up.

poldi2 10/08/2018.

Sure, but the government gets involved in these cases to see if its really love and not just convenience.

vitae 10/08/2018.

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