How can I overcome an addiction to porn?

Vera 10/08/2018. 3 answers
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So I've had this problem for awhile. I usually have several hours of it downloaded to my phone and when it gets old I feel the urge to download more. Sometimes I crave it to where it's hard to believe I've downloaded enough. Self pleasuring is also a problem, I'll watch it and self pleasure so...

3 Answers

72dolphins 10/19/2018.

Many people will encourage you to try to just cut it out of your life but just like any other addiction that won't usually end well and will just leave you frustrated and confused. The best thing that I could recommend would be to slowly cut it out of your life. Start with taking small intervals off at a time and slowly make those times larger until you are going weeks and months without it and eventually you won't even notice that you are no longer partaking in it. Many people don't understand the addiction but you should treat it just like any other one even though no substance is involved.

Anonymous 11/19/2018.

if it's not affecting anyone but you and it's not affecting work or social life, don't worry about it. It can and will affect your marriage so stop

Lil Nite 10/19/2018.

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