How do I get over guilt?

Rachel 10/08/2018. 5 answers
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I got a pet rat. But my parents wouldn't let me keep him, so I had to bring him back. Now I cant stop feeling guilty because of it.

5 Answers

defend liberty 10/11/2018.

Don't feel guilty because the rat will find a new home. Hopefully it will be with someone who has (or gets) other rats too. No matter how much attention you could've given your rat if you were able to keep it, it would have been a lonely life for the rat. Remember, as was stated earlier - before you got your rat - , that rats *really do need to be kept in pairs or more.

(It's always best to do plenty of research before bringing a pet home *and be sure to have your parents' permission so you won't have to put yourself or another pet in the same position again.)

mikewolcott 10/09/2018.

I suspect you feel disappointment - there is no logical reason why you should feel guilty.

Star_of_Darkness 10/09/2018.

You should feel guilty

You went behind thier backs and got a pet knowing full well you can't keep it and since you are a child you can't own a pet and have no right to be getting one with out permesion

PR 10/09/2018.

The rat is fine and likely has a great life.

I did the same thing with a hamster - I didn't think ahead, about how interested our cat would be in the hamster. But, the cat would not leave the door and tried and tried to get into that room.

I decided to take the hamster back to the store for its own safety.

I felt guilty, feeling like I should have known this would happen.

But, now the hamster was safe.

Things don't always work out the way we want. But, the rat is probably just fine. You probably just miss him

jean 10/09/2018.

always ask you parents about having pets. they were a little mean I think - Download Hi-Res Songs