I just turned 14 and my penis is 9.5 when erect. I am asian/polynesian. Is this too small?

retired old sarge 10/08/2018. 18 answers
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retired old sarge 10/11/2018.

millimeters... ok ...

Christopher 10/10/2018.

Are you f***ing kidding me that is massive for 14, I am 15 and it is 5.7 in

kelvin 10/08/2018.

why don't you come back when you measure it correctly

Mujtaba 10/08/2018.

in mm its so small in cm its monster

pit bulls bite 10/08/2018.

9.5 mm is small

Alexander 10/08/2018.

Nope. A vagina typically is only 10 cm deep. And you're not through growing.

balan 10/08/2018.

Welcome to the club of super long cock owners .Anything above 6 inches is considered as super cock.

Since yours is 9.5 inches it is monster cock

Enjoy,however approch the lady very gently.Also ensure not to get an erection at odd places specially during Airport security frisking.Regards

Josie 10/08/2018.

Depends whether you measure in inches or mm

in Polynesia !!!.

At 14 I guess you are growing.

It should be working by now. Enjoy !

Max Hoopla 10/08/2018.

Thank you for sharing the news about your penis.

whitegirlasianpenis.com 10/08/2018.

9.5 inch hahahaa

Robert S 10/10/2018.


Stiggy 10/09/2018.

I'm sure it is

Anonymous 10/09/2018.

It's a little bit on the small side.

Nick 10/09/2018.

to go fishing it's ok, but to stick it up then you must be very careful, son, 'cause you going to tuch the wall....

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Thank you for describing your dream to us.

Variable 46 10/08/2018.

I think you meant "IQ" instead of "penis" in your question. At least, that is if you expect anyone to actually believe you. There are of course, some pedophiles who will pretend to believe you for some reason, perhaps hoping you really ARE 14 maybe, instead of some adult pretending to be a child for your own prurient interests.

:) 10/08/2018.

Your fine

Great size bigger than most

I don't know why you would think it was too small. Just make sure you don't hurt any girls when you decide to have sex.

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

I believe 9.5 cm is the correct size for an Asian.

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