Hi everyone, there is a new Scorpio troll here on yahoo answers...?

Mystic 10/08/2018. 17 answers
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There is a Scorpio troll that has been on here recently and they are so annoying. I have high suspicion that it might be Scotts bully. The scorpio troll gets offended when people express their opinions on his sign while he constantly says "scorpios are beautiful, intelligent blah blah". He is the same...

17 Answers

Mystic 10/08/2018.

Sadly, there are TONS of low-life trolls like this around (the picture trolls and age gap trolls are overrunning the Beauty and Relationship sections -_-). My advice? We all team up and continuously REPORT every single question (or comment/answer) these trolls flood Y!A with. The more people reporting, the better. It will get content removed quicker and hopefully even get SOME accounts suspended. Just ignore their ignorance and report what you see.

Anonymous 10/11/2018 at 15:11.

Why are you getting butthurt?

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Go check the Scorpio troll question "Why do scorpios love hearing good things about themselves and are super arrogant?" . The troll Simon a.ka Anonymous who is trolling Scorpios with that one got caught and has been put on huge blast under it. Read my comments under it. Ofcourse they were scared and blocked me from answering it. But there's no way to block me from blasting all of these loser super trolls in this section . I know too much. And I'm letting everybody in on it. I followed that question only so everybody sees who he is and me outing him.

I had to go anonymous under this because the asker has tried to block me too and is a Virgo troll who trolls scorpios, could be the same one, probably, or another one of the main super trolls who we all know about, I didn't see it go up or I would know for sure who it is. The only reason anybody would block me is because you're one of the trolls I've been catching and revealing. Just saying. If I'm blocked I know who you are and we all know why you're blocking

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

I noticed that dumbass scorpio troll here too. Let them do what they are doing, it makes them look REATARDED, if that makes them feel good about themselves. They are poor and lonely so let's understand their misery : /

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Alright I'll keep a lookout and holler if I see any unusual activity.

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

I’m a Scorpio and I’ve seen him about, but he was bashing Scorpios.

jacksonofgoran 10/08/2018.

I’m insulted cause I’m a Scorpio and I’m not tough on the outside

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

well it is obvious you have hit some scorpio nerves here, lol, i think most of us don't care about fake questions like trolls make so don't worry : )

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Anybody can troll regardless of something as trivial as a zodiac sign

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

So what? You can go Hugo Stiglitz on my sign and I won’t care. Astrology gives people excuses to hate.

[ Youtu.be Link ]

StareCoreFive 10/08/2018.

Ya! and they hurt your felling's which is worse then beating the hell out of a person and that is the goal.

Yang 10/08/2018.

And why should you care?

Janet 10/08/2018.

Let them have their delusions.

This is just words on a page, and shouldn't be upsetting you.

And anyone who needs to pump themselves up THAT much obviously has a LOT of self-doubt and fears of inadequacy .. they are not happy and they suffer much.

Ana 10/08/2018.

Who's the new Scorpio troll?

Rodriguez 10/08/2018.

You’ll watch your mouth if you know what’s good for you....or you’ll be sleepin’ with the Pisces.


Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Troll is the Stupid Aaron Sixth Sense

Artemisia 10/08/2018.

And? Are you getting paid to stalk users by sun sign?

Stop being pathetic and petty. How many users on here, attack specific signs like Pisces? Gemini? Etc. ESPECIALLY, YOU.

You all need to get a life off of Horoscopes. It's not that serious.

Go take a smoke break. Do your laundry, Camper.

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