We have a hot tub. the motor that is running at 21.4 amps and shutting down but motor is rated at 16.4/4.8 could too many jets cause this ?

Michael 10/08/2018. 6 answers
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6 Answers

STEVEN F 10/08/2018.

What you need is a PROFESSIONAL to actually inspect the hot tub AND the circuit.

This IS NOT something that can be diagnosed without at minimum REAL TIME interaction, which isn't possible on Yahoo Answers.

Spock (rhp) 10/08/2018.

no. motor likely needs replacing. it should NEVER draw more than 16.4 amps on startup.

before going to that extreme -- check every possible space for clog in the inlet or outlet piping. [inlet far more common]. then check same inside the pump. if the pump can't draw enough water, or push enough water, it might cause motor to draw too much current.

and yes, I know these hot tub motor/pumps tend to be specific to brand and that replacements are both expensive, difficult to get, and hard/expensive to install. My daughter's solution to that was to junk the tub completely [it was freestanding -- in ground ones rarely have this specific to the brand problem]

Michael 10/08/2018.

So what is causing these motors to go bad? this is the second one in less than a year?

USAFisnumber1 10/08/2018.

Most hot tubs need at least a 30 amp circuit. Some of the bigger ones need a 50 amp 220 circuit. If you are tripping the breaker on the house circuit panel then you need to upgrade the wiring to the hot tub. If you are tripping a circuit breaker in the hot tub it is probably due to the motor pulling too much load. MORE jets are better than LESS jets because the water can flow thru the pump better. I suggest you open all the jets up.

dtstellwagen 10/08/2018.

No, additional jets will reduce back pressure on motor, reduce amperage and you won't get adequate jet pressure. Too few jets will give you high pressure, more back pressure, and if too contricted low speed and high current.

Restricted flow, failing (and binding) pump head bearings or failed motor windings or capacitor can cause increased current.

Make sure insulation isn't packed around the motor, it needs to ventilate to not damage the windings.

The dual rating on the motor is full speed/low speed, the motor should pulse above label amps until it reaches operating speed, the labeled amps are the normal operating amps under normal load. It will draw higher amps if overloaded and held to lower speed. Startup current will pulse briefly at up to 20x rating of the motor, then quickly fall. Most meters aren't sensitive enough to see that pulse, you may see 2x to 3x the rating. But after 2 seconds it should fall to labeled draw.

A spa motor should last 10 years, this is really sounds like a factory design problem, like they put in a controller that could only drive a 1.5 hp 120v motor in when they really needed a 2 or 2 hp+ motor that would require a different controller that could drive a motor with 240v.

I really think it's time to bypass your local dealer and contact the factory.

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Motor is shorted. Time to replace.

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