Can motorcyclists ride between cars on the highway?

Alan 10/08/2018. 14 answers
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I've seen plenty of motorcycle videos where they ride through cars along the dashed lines, I'm pretty sure this is illegal, but am I wrong? Is it illegal in just some states or countries?

14 Answers


It's called 'lane splitting' my dear boy and yes, it's legal all across the globe except;

Pretty much the whole United States (Excluding California).

Aye, Yankees are a genius! Or at least that's what they like to think.

Anyways, I do it all the time here, across the pond. In fact; I've two motorcycles right now and I'd sell them and buy a car and a bicycle the moment our government declare lane splitting as illegal.

Not much point or sense in riding otherwise.

But... Yankees are Yankees. They think it save lives or something.

No wonder Trump De Chump rule The United States of America!

Vulcan 10/10/2018.

the police do not chace them because it is two dangerous for them so they just wait for them to crash on there own then pick up the broken bones.happens all the time

curmudgeon55 10/09/2018.

Lots of them 'can' ride between cars on highway at various speeds- i've done it a fairly good traffic speed and when traffic is very slow also with Goldwing, R75/5 . 'May ' they 'legally' ride between cars ? depends on state laws mostly in USA. Seems California is main state that has it legally, some others tolerate it under some conditions in their road laws and many area the cops don't bother to stop cyclist doing it even with laws saying it is mostly forbidden--and maybe done when police car won't be able to get through traffic, only another officer on motorcycle will be able to catch offending motorcyclist and motorcycle officer decides if it is traffic hazard or simple fun or only way to get around like he does.

Francis 10/09/2018.

Apparently it's legal in the UK (called filtering) but some people do it at stupid speed and then moan when a car changes lanes and they crash.

Coffee Drinker 10/09/2018.

Its been legal in California for as long as I can remember.

I know that Washington State just recently legalized it. In WA I think the law says its only allowed when traffic is flowing less than 25 mph and motorcycles are limited to (I Think) 25 mph while 'cutting lanes" as its called. Its Illegal when traffic is moving faster than 25

Mr. Smartypants 10/08/2018.

Lane-Splitting is legal in every country in the world except the US. In the US it's only legal in California, and there it's a gray area. Technically you are 'sharing' a lane with a car. If a cop sees you doing something he doesn't like he can still give you a ticket for 'unsafe lane change'.

I live in California and I lane-split when traffic is stopped or just crawling, bumper-to-bumper. There are certain times of day I woudln't even get on the freeway except on my bike. But I see guys on GSX-Rs lanesplitting at 60 mph, and I think those guys have a death wish. I'm sure they'd get a ticket if a cop saw that.

Tim D 10/08/2018.

I can legally ride between lanes.

The general advice is to keep your speed to no more than 5-10mph faster than the traffic speed, this should give you plenty of time to react to other road users, it requires good observation and anticipation.

D J 10/08/2018.

In some states it is legal under certain circumstances, but it is a really bad idea.

Dze 10/08/2018.

yes, its legal in alot of places .. its dangerous as sht and stupid if you ask me though ..

paul 10/08/2018.

legal in California , stupid law , so many get splatted all over the highway , you would think they would stop it , insurance company should refuse to insure them

☣ - ₲ⱠɆ₦Đ₳ - ☣ 10/09/2018.

It's called LANE SPLITTING and is allowed in some States.

It's not something that I particularly agree with as i believe it puts motorcyclists at more risk of getting sideswiped by cars. There is just too little 'wiggle' room if the biker or car driver make an evasive move.

Scott 10/09/2018.

It's only legal in CA. I don't know about any other countries besides the USA. When I'm riding in CA, I only do it to get through backed up traffic, never while traffic is moving.

The Firecracker 10/08/2018.

It is explicitly legal in CA, not specifically illegal in many other states. 18 prohibit it.

States which don't explicitly outlaw still Can give a ticket for "wreckless driving."

Debatable if safer. CA claims it is safer in stop-start traffic.

I Don't do it. Only takes one Jerk to ruin your day, legal or illegal.

The closest I came was being cut off from a group, then I used bicycle lane at a stop to catch up with them.

[ Link ]

Erik 10/08/2018.

Here in CA it's legal, for some insane reason. At least they require helmets, so that when uninsured idiots require massive hospital bills, it costs everyone else less. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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