How can i tell soneone to not smoke around me in a polite way?

NO NAME 10/08/2018. 25 answers
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25 Answers

Tarkarri 10/08/2018.

Depends where you are.

If at home or work, I would just ask them to please leave the room/house/building/property to smoke.

If in a public space I would move away.

If it was someone I was with in a public space then I would inform them I was moving away while they smoked.

I rarely go anywhere smoking is acceptable so it is rarely an issue.

Jose 10/09/2018.

Then don't associate with them

Steve 10/09/2018.

Are you in public? Tough sh*t for you. Are you in your own home? Only then can you complain.

LiverGirl98 10/08/2018.

Keep it simple, along the lines of 'I do not want you to smoke around me.'

Tommy G. 10/08/2018.

Go up to the person smoking around you and say in a cool tone "I am feeling sick like I'm coming down with a cold, can you please not smoke in front of me"

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Hold your breath and gag.

susan 10/08/2018.

The moment they pull out a single cigarette or package of cigarettes, you say "Please don't smoke around me." Try to say it quickly before they light up. If they choose to light up anyway, just say, "Excuse me," and leave immediately.

No need to get mad, just firmly decide you won't be around smoking, and stick to your choice.

Anonymous 10/08/2018.

Just walk away from it until they're done smoking. To say it politely, just say can you please not smoke around me, I'm allergic to the smell of it. That might work.

sue 10/08/2018.

You could just walk away and I’m sure they will get the hint.

Pearl L 10/08/2018.

just say please dont snnoke around nne or try not to be around thenn if you dont want their snnoke

Jessy 10/09/2018.

Just walk away from it until they're done smoking. To say it politely, just say can you please not smoke around me, I'm allergic to the smell of it. That might work.

Daisy 10/09/2018.

If you're in a public place (outside), I don't think there's much you can do. You may need to move away.

If people are inside, like in a private home, you can say that smoking bothers you and to please not smoke around you. There are fewer and fewer places where people can smoke openly. The best idea would be just to move away from the smokers. I have asthma, so I can understand why smoking would bother you.

Dobiegal 10/09/2018.

the truth. I'd prefer to not be around smoking. Excuse yourself and walk away.

Jerry 10/09/2018.

You just ask. "Would you mind terribly not smoking around me? If you need to go have a smoke, I'll wait for you."

MARK 10/09/2018.

Answering this question is not easy because you provide no context. If you see a random stranger on the street smoking you do not tell them to stop. It all depends on the circumstances. However, I would not be too worried about being polite. Smokers are incredibly selfish people and smoke wherever they want without showing the slightest consideration for others.

At my local hospital there is a very clearly marked area around the entrance with signs telling people not to smoke in that area. Of course, all the smokers congregate there and you must battle your way through them to get into or out of the hospital. If I could I would get a hosepipe and spray all of them.

Solomon P 10/09/2018.

just say please dont smoke around me or try not be around them if theyre smoking

PAMELA 10/09/2018.

Don't be polite, i say " you may choose to smoke, i choose not to so please move away"

bluebellbkk 10/08/2018.

In so many potentially awkward situations, all you need do is delete the word 'tell' and replace it with 'ask'.

marys.momma 10/08/2018.

Start coughing and blowing your nose, and tell the person that their smoke is causing you breathing problems. Ask them to either move well away, or put their cigarette out.

Scotts bully... 10/08/2018.

Gut punch them.

Patricia 10/10/2018.

Walk away. I don't think you should say anything.

Guitarcrazyyyyy 10/09/2018.

Tell him/her your spose is standing right beside you..

David2 10/08/2018.

Ask them to desist from trying to poison you.

poldi2 10/08/2018.

Smoking around someone is not acceptable, you don't have to be extremely polite. Simply ask them not to smoke around you.

If they continue, then you walk away when they approach.

Sammy 10/08/2018.

If it's legal to smoke, then you have no right to ask that of him/her.

Where I live it's illegal to smoke in public places like on the sidewalk or in restaurants.

But you can smoke in your yard, home and car.

Just tell them " I don't smoke and I would rather not breathe the smoke in. Would you please roll down the window or wait to smoke"

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