Is texas taking steps in the right direction?

daniel 10/08/2018. 20 answers
Sports Football (American)

both The dallas cowboys and Houston Texans have black quarterbacks is texas taking steps in the right direction?

20 Answers

Anonymous 10/09/2018.

Retarded lib there is no affirmative action in the NFL . The best player gets the job.

retired old sarge 10/09/2018.

Taking the right steps for what... what do you mean... please explain what yo are trying to say or what you actually want to know... this is such a vague question you put... Are you a raciest asking so you can try to argue about something or what...

Bob 10/08/2018.

The Cowboys have a quarterback who is below average and is black, the Texans have a quarterback who is young but looks to be above average and is black. I don't care about the race of the Quarterbacks, only how well they play.

Eddi 10/08/2018.

If they elect Beto O'Rourke Senator yes.

Pearl L 10/07/2018.

i would hope so

The Oracle of Omigod 10/07/2018.

Well obviously they took the right steps if they win the championship. If they don't, then they didn't.

oldprof 10/07/2018.

If they're the best QBs that they can hire...yes. Otherwise, no.

Jason 10/07/2018.

Texas is taking steps in the wrong direction because a Texas legislator recently proposed a bill to prevent teachers from giving students assignments that require critical thinking.

Blocking Back 10/07/2018.

It depends on how well they play football.

ツ FutureNurse 10/11/2018.

Racist bum get s life

ju 10/09/2018.

Depend on how they play

No Summertime 10/09/2018.


stef 10/09/2018.

What a stupid question!

JoJo Potatoes 10/09/2018.


Outsider 10/08/2018.

Black or white, right is right.

Joe Mac 10/08/2018.

Not if winning a Super Bowl is their ultimate goal, neither QB is particularly good but neither are most of the QBs in the NFL

Reynaldo Semanas 10/08/2018.

Yeah, Texas now becoming known for it's citizens' enlightened racial tolerance.

Alice 10/08/2018.

Texas is a diarrhea hole beyond fixing.

It should just be nuked tbh.

I have a question 10/10/2018.

Always bet on Black baby ✊✊✊

You Wrong 10/08/2018.

Texas is ground zero for the mudback craze right now.

Both Dallas and Houston have gone subhuman, as has Texas A&M and TCU.

It may work out if the mudbacks evolve to the point where they can play as well as their human counterparts but these teams are just embarrassing themselves right now. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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