How strong is Aqua man compared to Superman?

Lord Chronos 10/06/2018. 15 answers
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C T 10/08/2018.

comically weak

Dallas John 10/07/2018.

About as strong as you are compared to a heavily armored grizzly bear equipped with flame throwers that fire in all directions constantly.

But to be fair, comparing the average human against Aquaman would be like comparing your average newborn kitten against you.

ANDRE L 10/07/2018.

The problem is that the answer depends on which version of Superman you mean to compare him to.

At his heyday during the Silver Age of comics, Superman was strong enough to push an Earth sized planet out of it's orbit. Next to that, Aquaman is far closer to being as strong as a regular human.

The current DC Movie Superman is not that strong, but none of the movies have really established a top level for him and any other Kryptonians on Earth. But overall, from what we did see in Justice League, Superman is at least several times stronger than everyone else, other than Wonder Woman, who comes closest to Kal-El's overall strength and power levels.

Mr Atheist 10/06/2018.

Not strong at all.

christine 10/06/2018.

No camparision super man is much powerful than aqua man.

Jessy 10/06/2018.

i think superman is strong more than Aqua man. because Aqua man is no more without water.

Anonymous 10/06/2018.

Aquaman can probably defeat him under water.


Who the heck is Aquaman?

I'm from across the pond, BTW.

C 10/06/2018.


someone who uses a weapon is weak

like capt america

they are overated in stories

Lost 10/06/2018.

1000x. 1000000x prettier too.

Elvira Voorhees 10/09/2018.

Compared to Superman, the Justice League are weak.

Manhunter & Wonder Woman are the closest to being on Superman's level.

Neil 10/07/2018.

If Superman s strength is equal to Marvel s Thor, Aquaman would be equal to Marvel s Spider-Man or the the X-Men s Beast.

Rebel With A Cause 10/07/2018.

Because of his Atlantis biology, Aquaman is typically shown to be one of the more powerful heroes.

He is usually the 3rd strongest member of the Justice League, after Superman and Wonder Woman.

Gary The Human Being 10/06/2018.

Not very

NBA Does not matter. Im a hustler. This is 😂! 10/06/2018.

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