What is smart tv?

Evan 10/05/2018. 5 answers
Consumer Electronics TVs

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Mr. anonymous 10/08/2018.

A Smart TV has internet connectivity, usually can run apps, has a voice assistant that can answer your questions or accomplish tasks when you speak to it

Anonymous 10/06/2018.

A smart Tv is a tv that can update in the future via an internet connection, but the smart thing is that when they stop the support for that model of tv you will have to buy a new one:-P

Just like everything else, windows, tv boxes, smart phones and many more.

Have you tried to connect an old games consol to a modern tv using 240p.

ReezusBhrist 10/06/2018.

Tvthat has sex with human

Donnie Porko 10/06/2018.

It’s a tv with streaming capabilities and apps. It’s like a normal tv that merged with Apple TV or roku or amazon fire stick.

Iam 10/06/2018.

It is a TV which can recieve an internet feed from your home WIFI - or direct from a transmitter, allowing you to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer etc. direct onto your telly.

Other content providers are available.

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