My solution to the education crisis in american public schools?

kevin 10/03/2018. 9 answers
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1)there should be an option where you can take a single standardized test at the age of 14 and pass high school with it. and universities have to accept it as a high school diploma

2)put every child mark on a piece of paper in front of the class for everyone to see and rank them from top to bottom.

3) eliminate...

9 Answers

armouror is My Alias 10/14/2018.

At 14 in the USA you have not received an education when you have finished year 12 or 18 then you can make real worthwhile decisions

If the USA adopted the Australian education system you would be 50% better Off

DCM5150 10/14/2018.

While the term "crisis" might not be correct, lets look at your ideas in terms of improving education

1) while 14 seems a little young, I think it is a not the worst idea. It really is the European model where your grades mean nothing and your future path comes down to national standardized tests. If you don't score high enough you don't go to college.

2) I have no idea why this would help anything especially if number 1 comes into play. Do you really think that is helpful? But, since it is currently illegal by federal privacy laws you might have a bit of trouble on this one.

3) Nothing better than adding layers of bureaucracy to fix something...this is a pretty stupid idea. Other than that idea being unconstitutional there is zero possibility of that helping anything. Do we (as a nation) think that someone in Berkeley, CA should be making education decisions for those in Mobile, AL? Is that really what you want?

4) There already are national online textbooks. I guess you are simply restating your #3 that everyone should be doing the exact same thing.

? 10/14/2018.

I like it. But, the point of the education system isn't to be efficient.

chad 10/14/2018.

At 14? Well in my day you could just drop out of high school, get a GED and go straight to community college. I say yes. Go for it. Skip the bs. Many look forward to the prom thiugh and senion project, senior appreciation, and friends. Also dropping out tends to have people hanging around slackers or potheads.

spotty 10/14/2018.

My solution: rescind all child labor laws and make kids work until they're 18. By then they will beg to go to school and take it serious.

marsel_duchamp 10/14/2018.

You need a better education.

mustagme 10/14/2018.

How about 1 simple solution: privatize the public school system. Get the Federal Government out of our classrooms.

lotion 10/14/2018.

there is no education crisis in america. the issue has more to do with not meeting certain academic standards in comparison to other developed countries around the world.

for example, america still lags behind many western european countries and east asian countries in the math and sciences. that is not an education crisis, that is simply means there is need for improvement

Lois Griffin 10/14/2018.

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