How will Televisions look in the future ?

leo 10/03/2018. 26 answers
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Cuckstein Blowsy Fraud 10/07/2018.

Hillary would have removed all but one channel - 24/7/365 CLInton.

AVDADDY 10/07/2018.

Much the same as today.

epta 10/07/2018.


roberto 10/06/2018.

3d in perfect quantum pixel xxxhidef def,glass tube lasers, making half of your living room like you are sitting next in the action with the 5.1 surround sound music, shakin bass,and crashing glass,

cgi will be perfected,100% human in appearance,,unless hollywood gets on this early,they will be made obsolete

d 10/06/2018.

Like tvs

Kingsley 10/05/2018.

They will really be Amazing 4K TV now is absolutely stunning imagine 10K TV's that would be out of this world

PoohBearPenguin 10/04/2018.

There will be no more "TV" as we have them today.

Instead they'll just be computers that access streaming videos over the internet.

Broadcast TV won't exist anymore. Cable TV won't exist anymore. Even watching something "live" will just be a video stream.

Basically, imagine you took a Smart TV, but ripped out the TV tuner. You basically have a large screen with a tablet crammed inside of it, right? That's basically what "TV" will be.

SSP Bowl Dude 10/04/2018.

Much thinner.

ideaquest 10/04/2018.

The ultimate development of the TV would be in person experience of a live event.

Kyle 10/04/2018.

in ten or 20 years, i don't see much drastic changes than they are now. maybe just bigger and better picture. with 8k capabilities.

Brett 10/08/2018.

they wil be more rounded, half moon, and they will project holifraphic image as well as flat screen.

Zhuo 10/08/2018.

WiFi-Control, 3D picture

mi 10/07/2018.

I say 3D and super flat

Fred 10/06/2018.

Maybe they will be like the 3D displays that appear to not be contained in any box as you sometimes see in science fiction movies.

DR + Mrs Bears face 10/05/2018.

Hi so given it is a personal thing the individual will have a visor built into a piece of head gear.

ANDREW 10/05/2018.


spacemissing 10/04/2018.

How far into the future?

TVs have pretty well matured into the form they will have for an indefinite period of time.

David E 10/04/2018.

It will be part of the wall. No, not mounted on the wall, part of it.

Yo Momma 10/04/2018.

They'll just be a small disk on the table projecting a holographic screen when turned on.

Rick 10/04/2018.

They will surround the room with 360 degrees of vision with holographic images.

Betsy 10/07/2018.

They would be able to send out emotional signals so you will actually feel like you're in the movie

Anna 10/05/2018.

Like Rays nothing else

Capricorn 10/04/2018.

Who cares?

Anonymous 10/04/2018.


Anonymous 10/04/2018.

Holograms coming out if our butts

? 10/04/2018.

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