Ferrite bead in USB cable. Is it okay to use?

DR + Mrs Bears face 10/02/2018. 6 answers
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I have a few micro-USB-to-standard-USB devices (a tablet, an external keyboard, etc.) but misplaced the cable. I found an old cable (micro-to-standard) with a Ferrite Bead (or "choke"). Will it do any damage to the devices or interfere with their performance if I use this cable that has the Ferrite Bead...

6 Answers

DR + Mrs Bears face 10/05/2018.

Hi so the idea of the ferrite bead is to cancel an interference signal carried in from the mains wiring and into the data stream. by the addition of a ferrite bead is short circuits the annoying signals.

spacemissing 10/04/2018.

Use it.

Jessy 10/03/2018.

No it won't affect the device at all.

Robert J 10/03/2018.

It's fine.

The ferrite has no effect on signals through the cable itself at all.

What it does is to prevent the cable acting as an antenna (or reduce the effect at least), reducing electrical "noise" radiation or pickup.

khalil 10/03/2018.

they work as an RF reject filter ...

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PoohBearPenguin 10/03/2018.

No it won't affect the device at all.

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