What's the point of making a lot of money?

Rowan 09/25/2018. 57 answers
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I honestly don't understand why people claim to need high salaries for their quality of life etc.

I live in a luxury apartment in a gated community with private pool/gym etc. in a city of 200,000 less than an hour from some of the best beaches in the world (Florida) have a new Iphone X, two modern computers,...

57 Answers

Rowan 09/23/2018.

The truth is, you only need about two or three million to stop working permanently, and get that amount or more in interest, just from a regular term deposit or real estate, but the more you have, well, people get greedy and want for example women who like money, those women often like drugs, which well, I think Mike Tyson spent a hundred million on drugs and mansions and tigers in less than a decade. I mean, I kind of agree with you, I have about the same, my dad lives in my house and pays me rent, I have enough to save, or pay off the small amount left in my home loan with but my house didn't cost a million, it cost sixty nine thousand, ten or fifteen years ago. House prices tripled since then, at least they did here, and if wages don't match the prices in property, people can't pay the rent, which must go up to match it, eventually. Basically, some people need more than others, some people like more than others, but there's a basic standard of living that everyone should have, and I would say personally, it shouldn't be much below you or me, for anyone, on earth, and if we could learn to share, it doesn't need to be.

Blue nose 09/30/2018.

So you can give loads to charity!

Nazmul 09/30/2018.

Web Developing or business in web site

tiescore 09/30/2018.

Freedom - freedom to do something I want to, freedom from worrying about getting sick, freedom to enrich the lives of my favorite people on Earth - my nieces and nephews, freedom to not worry about my car breaking down or the toilet leaking or a million other little things that become huge issues when you don't have the money to deal with it.

Chemistry 09/30/2018.

no idea

Ali 09/30/2018.

money makes life easier cuz u can buy whatever

fugitive 09/23/2018.

gets peace of mind

Angie 09/23/2018.

let me tell you something, I understand you more than anyone here. I see what you're saying, youre asking why do people "want/ or ambition so much" to be making more money if to you 30k income is enough.

I will tell you why youre a college student, you have no idea but i will give you a 10 years worth of experience to tell you what I know. 30k is enough and more than enough when you're young , as you grow you will have different circumstance and bigger expenses like for example you will eventually need a bigger house bc you will have kids. or if not kids, you will need to pay taxes if you own a home, once you have a car trust me registration, gas, tire changes, insurance if expensive. unexpected expenses like you hurt yourself and need to stop working and maybe disability will kick it but it wont be enough. or maybe you wan to buy a home, you need to save atleasy $1,000 a month left over to save a significant amount for a down payment. you will have bigger needs and/or wants. you cannot forsee the future. I know at age 18 I said I was not getting married until 30 and I met the love of my life at 23 and things happened I ambition a big home for me and my family to live comfortably. did I forsee that? no ! or else I wouldn't be making 50k a year and would finish college to make 100k ! I went back to school becuase 50k isnt enough . oh and by the way you also have to save for retirement remember you can only work until age 60 before bones start hurting and social security income IS NOT ENOUGH.

Casey Y 09/23/2018.

You live a cheap life...some people like nice things. $75 a week on food...I frequently spend that in one night on take out...let alone going out to dinner.

Some people want their own home...not to live in an apartment with a roommate...which costs more money.

You don't have a car...good luck with that once you get out of college...when you need to work a real job.

Sorry to circle back....$75 a week on food...have you ever been on a date?

ndmagicman 09/23/2018.


You have all you claim on $30,000 a year income?

Have to call absolute BS on this one.

Full Circle 33 09/23/2018.

Nice fairy tale bro. Now that you bragged you may return to your job at Walmart your break is over with

GEEGEE 09/30/2018.

Who owns the apartment you live in? Mom and Dad? $850/month for rent is incredibly cheap, even for Florida, that's why I'm asking if your parents own the place to cut you such a good deal. Many, even most people, outside of major cities, need a car. I live in SE Florida and almost without exception a car is needed for any kind of decent lifestyle.

Solomon P 09/30/2018.

so we can live an easier and happier life

J 09/30/2018.

You spend a lot on "things". A lot of people who need more money and higher salaries are because they have families to support. Kids are expensive my friend.

ibu guru 09/30/2018.

You spend a very great deal on luxuries. Obviously, you do not live in a place where a tiny studio (one room) apartment costs $2000/month or more, plus utilities. And Florida is one of the few states with no state income tax.

E.g. $100,000/year in NYC - after federal, state & city income taxes take over half of it - makes it very tough to afford a studio apartment + utilities + bus/subway to work (or walk) + food.

You live in a bubble of ignorance.

Anonymous 09/23/2018.

Different meanings.

Anthony 09/23/2018.

Different people have different preferences

Anonymous 09/23/2018.

Typically you need some $25K to $100K per annum for vast majority of people.

Any excess, please send it to me. Thank-you.

e 09/23/2018.

at a certain point, the happiness gained from earning a dollar more levels off to about 0. it's science and all

StephenG 09/23/2018.

there is a point where more is meaningless I agree

Jim2 09/23/2018.

I think you have a good point. You sound like you have just enough money.

Caitlin 09/30/2018.

To give you more choices

Anonymous 09/30/2018.

Prestige and social superiority.

Kevin 09/23/2018.

I don't know, how much easier is life when you can pay for stuff without stressing..?

Sam 09/23/2018.

I have a comfortable life

John 09/23/2018.

Financial stability

Baby SpongeBob 09/23/2018.

It's a conspiracy to reduce the population of the world by starving some people to death. However, I believe that corrupt people, narcissists, and sociopaths are the ones who should be starved to death, while genuinely good people live and prosper.

Anonymous 09/23/2018.

So you can spend a lot of money.

TrumpfanMaga 09/23/2018.

I think you're lying. You do not have that stuff, only wish.

Well to get even a fraction of your list, you need to make money!


Anonymous 09/23/2018.

If you believe you're making too much, please send the extra to me.

Not You 09/23/2018.

This sounds like a made up story from a very sheltered person.

lorn 09/30/2018.

You’re right people who don’t work get restless

cosmo 09/30/2018.

It's good to have more than you need, especially some extra for emergencies.

HarryFilth 09/30/2018.

So you can be a greedy SOB and go to hell.

UMESH 09/30/2018.


Didier 09/23/2018.

depends on how you want to live life

Anonymous 09/23/2018.

I'm shocked at how many people find this unbelievable. Rent in Florida isn't astronomical like it is in NY/California. And with a roommate it's not that bad actually. I think it just depends on what you want out of life. Do you want to be "normal" and have a limited ceiling, or sacrifice now and have more later. You can work for your money for the rest of your life, or make sacrifices/invest in income generating assets and never have to rely on an employer ever again. To me, freedom is an asset. So it's worth the initial sacrifice. I want the freedom to do what I please, when I please. And if you think about it, a job is actually pretty risky. It's essentially just an acronym for "Just over broke". No freedom, limited ceiling on salary increases, not knowing if you'll get laid off the next day, and for the majority of people, you're really not coming out any better than someone who works for themselves. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would argue otherwise, but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous 09/23/2018.

< Oh and I'm a college student too btw, with no debt. >

I'll file this under fiction.

? 09/23/2018.

in now a day times in order to live

Global Occult Government 09/23/2018.

Nothing is wrong with enjoy the fruits of ones labor. Just don't forget that you cannot take material things with you to the next realm. The only thing we can take with us after death of the flesh is our works, whether good or bad. It will make up our clothes in heaven. No or bad works = no clothing i.e. nakedness and great shame, and that is if you make the cut.

Trump 304, Hillary 227, suk it 09/23/2018.

We understand, some people are too stressed out doing anything more complicated than flipping burgers. You're free to be as poor as you like, until you start whining you want other people to fund your life with food stamps, free college, free this and free that.

Melly 09/30/2018.

money = happiness

diamond 09/30/2018.

Freedom and less stress.

Tesse 09/30/2018.

So you won't have to work anymore

Erik 09/30/2018.

1) You have a roommate. I had roommates in college and most of the time, I hated it. I prefer to live alone.

2) You don't have a car. Life sucks without a car. I don't know what you do to get around, but I wouldn't want to do it.

3) You spend $75 a week on food. That's only about $10 per day, how is that even possible?

So I'm not saying you have a horrible life (assuming all this is true), but there are some major flaws to it.

real donald 09/23/2018.

Are you on your mom your mom is My whore *****

james 09/23/2018.

Because the money was there to make. A after thought at best. But nice to have if needed. Never much thought about making it. I liked my job. Got to travel the world on the company card. So never needed to spend much. Lived modest. 2 bedroom home in a middle class neighborhood. lot 120 by 120 foot. My garage was bigger than my house. But only had 1 vehicle as I got to take home a company vehicle. When I came home. So utilities were low. They changed the meters 3 times trying to figure out how a home could use so few utilities. So the only thing to do with 80% of my paychecks was drop them off in my investment accounts. Thought about retiring at 55. But liked my job so worked till 62. Moved overseas were the best meal here in the best eatery in town will set me back less than $10 U.S. Drive a Scrum with a 3 popper motor. Cheapest vehicle you can own. With A.C no less. Went 1st class there. My home cost me less than $500 a month. My electric runs $120 a month with 2 A.C.s going 24/7 My water is $12 a month. L.P. $15. So the point of making a lot of money. Is to have a job you enjoy. Grow old & become a world class Bum. Enjoy life & never need think of money. But once a year. When the U.S. Government demands there cut. So money is a curse that grows on a man. Its only use is to leave it to the unworthy to ruin there life on your death.

Anonymous 09/23/2018.

well its to have a nice life

Skookum 09/23/2018.

Sounds like you need a goal. I have made a decent amount of money so I can retire and travel all over the world in style. What's your dream to work toward?

Anonymous 09/23/2018.

mo money mo problems

Anonymous 09/30/2018.

Right. Two modern computers. As opposed to two Timex computers from the '80s. Big eye roll. Full Circle has the best answer.

jay 09/30/2018.

so u can spend it

BEE 09/23/2018.

Alf Haupt 09/23/2018.

a lot of money makes for a comfortable life and a happy retirement ----most people dont plan their retirement as carefully as they should --i am one of them

Anonymous 09/23/2018.

you need money to survive

Jeremy 09/23/2018.

Everyone's different Not everyone is all about money, but everything cost so much especially when you have a family, The bigger the family you have the higher the cost. Look at the cost of college its outrageous!

The Simple Truth 09/23/2018.

and yet you want their money.

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