Why is the Madonna shown as being "white?"?

Ryan 09/24/2018. 23 answers
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23 Answers

Anonymous 10/14/2018.

Opposed to what other color?

d 10/14/2018.


Anonymous 10/14/2018.

she is white.

Blue nose 10/14/2018.

I thought she was white?

armouror is My Alias 09/14/2018.

she is the Colour of how the people who paint her envisage her

Amie 09/14/2018.

Don’t like her

Cuckstein Blowsy Fraud 09/14/2018.

Why not? If Nazis had to put armbands on Jews to identify them, it was because some could not be distinguished from the Aryans. Maybe she was one who looked like that?

creole lady 09/14/2018.

Most Jews I've known consider themselves white, so perhaps it's because it's how she self identifies

Stacie 09/14/2018.

She was Jewish. So depending on your definition of white she may or may not be accurately portrayed as white. The "white" portrayal would still need to be dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin etc. If she is portrayed as anything other then Jewish.. it would be inaccurate.

Anonymous 09/14/2018.

I thought she was mostly shown as being skeezy:

[ Youtu.be Link ]

JOHN 10/14/2018.

Go back to early Medieval England (as an example) - back then the people would not have known anyone outside their own village/church let alone what someone in the far away Holy Land may have looked lik during the life time of Jesus. Thus the artists who created the stained glass windows and statues and etc. had to rely on their own imaginations which resulted in them creating artworks depicting people whom they knew. It's just possible that some 'Madonas' are of 'real living women' at the time. We will just never know.

[ Google.com Link ]

Australian backpacker mistaken for Jesus in Africa

[ Dailymail.co.uk Link ]

it's all about image

bluebellbkk 10/14/2018.

Some painters show her as white, some as olive-skinned, some as very dark-skinned, even black. It's just a convention. Don't get hung up on this very unimportant detail.

Eric 10/14/2018.

She is white

Ann 09/14/2018.

She's not, in all cultures. Hispanics have images of The Virgin of Guadalupe", which depicts her as Hispanic.

JG 09/14/2018.

That's how she was depicted by EUROPEAN artists.

Selena 09/14/2018.

cuz life

Hal 09/14/2018.

Why would it matter much, unless someone insisted she was very light skinned, in which case we'd merely say "that's pretty unlikely". Of course, if they insist she's especially "white" then they could have a far more serious problem than merely believing a notion without a basis, in that they might be racist, which is a deadly sin.

When you imagine Mary, don't get stuck on skin color. It's not what is meaningful. Here's a better thing -- learn from Christ and put His words into action, and then you could eventually meet her in person the life to come.

Anonymous 09/14/2018.

I think it's funny that there are still people like you so concerned with segregating everyone by skin color. Liberals are more racist and intolerant in their attempts to stop racism and intolerance. "Christians, stop picking on those pathetic homosexual ******* who need atheists to defend them, you homophobes!"

Prof Hugh Peabody PhD 09/14/2018.

Well, she looked that way when she sang 'papa don't preach'.

Stonehaven 10/14/2018.

Because the Jews are chosen.

Sherry 09/14/2018.

Because she is

Egbert 09/14/2018.

We all know he is a black dude.

Pythagorean Apatheist 09/14/2018.

I think Michael Jackson turned white from being a virgin . Nuf said

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