There is so much damning evidence against Kavanaugh, do you think there's any way he could still be confirmed?

Lone Star Patriot 09/24/2018. 29 answers
Politics & Government Politics

Professor Ford was the first woman to come forward, and Michael Avenatti claims to have an entirely separate client.

A Yale Professor reportedly advised female students on how to look "model like" to get a Kavanaugh clerkship.

The Dean of Yale Law has stated that the report alleging a professor grooming...

29 Answers

Bye 09/26/2018.

Yes I think he'll still be confirmed, because there are too many people with zero morals in charge of the decision.

out2lunch4now2 09/26/2018.

Where is this "damning evidence" about which you babble?

retired old sarge 09/26/2018.

YES... The dems are still trying to do anything they can to make a come back from their big lose with Hillary. They are grasping at straws and THEY want to do away with the constitution and the laws and run things their way. Here in AMERICA we are SUPPOSE TO BE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAWS. The Dems and left are clearly throwing the law out the window.

roberto 09/26/2018.

you guys live in an echo chamber

Mike 09/26/2018.

I'm behind pretty much on these

clara 09/26/2018.

im saying

Jack 09/26/2018.

I hope Dr. Blasey-Ford's report is enough to terminate him.

Nick 09/26/2018.

If Kavanaugh isn't confirmed, the next person Trump nominates will make Kavanaugh look like a liberal.

Mr. Wizard 09/26/2018.

Factors to consider that warrant the correct answer to your question:

1) The childhood home of Christine B. Ford was FORECLOSED while she and parents resided there; Martha Kavanaugh--Mark Kavanaugh's MOTHER, was the Judge who ordered the foreclosure. Dr. Ford has understandable motive in lying against Mark Kavanaugh.

2) Michael Avenatti is a vowed anti-Trump advocate--who allegedly groomed ( paid ) Deborah Ramirez to also to make baseless accusations against Kavanaugh.

3) Avenatti is also grooming a 3rd female expected to step into the global TV and print news limelight to make her baseless claims, supportive of Ford and Ramirez.

4) The Yale claims concerning Kavanaugh's alleged unethical behavior have been proven HOAXED and "merit-less"; these articles have been removed from print media outlets. Attorneys representing Yale now vehemently saying "No comment at this time", when questioned about Mark Kavanaugh.

5) Attorneys for Ford sought supportive assistance from fellow high school classmate Mike Judge, creator of the MTV animated series "Beavis and Butthead". Mike Judge's lawyers in turn publicly stated that while Judge DID go to same high school with both Ford and Kavanaugh---Judge NEVER saw Mark Kavanaugh at any wild drug and alcohol soaked teen all night parties. Mike Judge knew Mark Kavanaugh to be something of a quiet straight laced nerd.

6) Several inconsistencies in Deborah Ramirez's claims are surfacing up.

7) No hard copy evidence to support Christine Ford or Deborah Ramirez exists.

There is NO damning evidence against Mark Kavanaugh that can prove him to be unfit for the position of United States Supreme Court Justice. Political strategists have already explained the next move from LIBERAL DEMOCRATS to attempt delays and interfering tactics during mid-term elections.

Bottom Line; Mark Kavanaugh CAN be confirmed by Republican majority vote. Currently elected Democrats seeking re-election would be wise to note this; their Republican VOTING constituents are watching them.

jakemcclake 09/26/2018.

Pretty good chance, yeah.

Carlos 09/26/2018.

Can anyone tell me what evidence was presented?

Anonymous 09/26/2018.


******* moron.

Outsider 09/26/2018.

I don’t think it’s beneath the democrats to frame someone. Not sure if Kavanaugh is guilty. But I’m not so impressed with him in any case.

Trumps 09/26/2018.

I laughed ha ha when kavenough fooled women with his lil winky ha ha is was not a dildo ha ha so funny he was the life of the party ha

Foofa 09/26/2018.

I think the plan is to stall the vote until after the midterms in the hopes the party affiliation numbers change in the Senate. But even if Kavanaugh wasn't confirmed it's not like Trump's next pick won't be equally as conservative. Those believing a "blue wave" will make it possible to get rid of Trump appear to underestimate what a zealot Pence is. Unless they just never confirm another Justice, all these delaying tactics don't seem to amount to much. Kavanagh's hardly any worse than all the others on the Heritage Foundation's list (and we're lead to believe that list is long).

inclusive_disjunction 09/26/2018.

Allegations are not evidence.

BB 09/26/2018.

Show us all of the "damning evidence".....OR..... apologize and stay out of Yahoo Answers!!!

Blue Sky 09/26/2018.

The entire Yale thing was a lie, it was on Yahoo over the weekend. Ford is nothing but a pawn for the DNC, who by the way, were responsible for leaking her name to the media. Yet republicans are the ones being called bullies and treating her unfairly.

Justin Thyme 09/26/2018.

Ford has no evidence.

RockIt 09/26/2018.

I don't see any "evidence"

"I was at a party in the early 80s where your mom was blowing the football team's ball boys and water boys. in the laundry room"

Is that evidence?

John 09/26/2018.

Damn made up "evidence"

Anonymous 09/26/2018.

History usually repeats itself; look up Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, as a prime example.

JJ 09/26/2018.

If such standards were applied equally the halls of all state legislatures and congress would empty out very quickly.

Guy of 09/26/2018.

What evidence? Even her best friend at the time believes Kavanaugh

Anonymous 09/26/2018.

Dearie, so far there is NO Eveidence, only speculation, and unsubstantiated claims.

When the DA makes the case in court, then some credence may be given to what is currently a lot of Talk.

The FBI investigates everyone, PRIOR to submission of appointment lists to congress. So there is no need to "Call for an FBI investigation" after the fact, other than to make Headlines.

Mimi 09/26/2018.

It's so obvious that the Libs are cooking up these allegations in the hope that Kavanaugh will withdraw his nomination before Ford's hearing.

Thunderous Barbarian 09/26/2018.

There are now 911 call recordings confirming it!

Check it out:

[ Link ]

ClassyGoose 09/26/2018.

Even if he were confirmed at this point the Democrats are now more than justified to pack the courts and reform appointments when we take back the government. Republicans have thoroughly corrupted the entire process.

Acetek 09/26/2018.

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