Mom is getting on me about college, I view it as useless. She says I wont succeed without it. Gimme alternatives (can't afford trade school)?

Rolexeo 09/24/2018. 23 answers
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23 Answers

Anonymous 09/14/2018.

Golf course maintenance.

Anonymous 10/14/2018.

Go for short term courses even if they are expensive but of good use. take bank loans for study and d work partime wherever you find it. harden yourself for a few years and then after college earn and enjoy whole life. eventually you will enjoy a bit of college plus good job afterwards.

John P 09/14/2018.

Where in the world are you? Different countries have different education systems, and different laws about how long you have to be in full-time education.

John 09/14/2018.

US Air Force... IF you can get it.

Joco 09/14/2018.

Learn some programming language, master it and you are good. No need for white collar, you will earn a lot as a designer/developer.

Good luck!

dj 09/14/2018.

Marines might take you

Larry Phischman 09/14/2018.

There is another recession coming. Fiscal analysts are predicting it will be a bad one, much worse than the Bush Recession. It is better to weather a recession in college than to be a recently hired employee (last hired, first fired).

EIEIO 09/14/2018.

What worked for loser Bernie Sanders was to become a politician.

Anonymous 09/14/2018.

Start small at a business as a temp or intern and work your way up through that business. I went through four years of college and obtained a bachelors degree in business administration and it honestly didn’t teach me anything. My only regret is not starting my career sooner.

Anonymous 09/14/2018.

How stupid troll.

JohnO 10/14/2018.


Periferalist 09/14/2018.

If you can't afford trade school, you sure can't afford college, so try enlisting in the armed forces for a tour.

BN 09/14/2018.

college is for morons that live off mommy and daddy or can't figure how to make the world a better place. figure out what you do best -- innately -- since before high school, just naturally. then go out and do it. don't be a wuss. start a business even if it's only cleaning toilets. you'll still be miles ahead of the college idiots.

trisha 09/14/2018.

Truck Driving

Kayla 09/14/2018.

My husband took an occupational skills course/degree at a community college which only took a year. You could also go to a college just to get a certificate- I got both a degree and a certificate in developmental disabilities. Also, to have some careers, all you need is to take a test to say that you are certified in it, or to get a special license (truck driving comes to mind).

? 09/14/2018.

do what makes u happy... alot of ppl have good jobs exc not evon goin to collage its not what u did it is what u do but it is always good to get some knowlage tho

SumDude 09/14/2018.

The military; win the big lottery; bank robber; drug dealer; prostitute

Weasel McWeasel 09/14/2018.

a stint in the Navy is a great way to see the world on the govt's dime......and you get the GI Bill for college.

a win-win situation. and if you like can Always do your 20 and get a pension at a Young age....instead of working like a dog until you're 70. ......hoping Social Security will still be around.

Global Occult Government 09/14/2018.

If you have the discipline you can educate yourself and learn any trade you wish. It doesn't hurt to get at least some form of official credentials so you can have more doors open to you in the future that might otherwise be shut. In many states community college is next to free. Above all else, an education in the word of the Lord is the most crucial education, because He is going to return one day and take over.

theo 09/14/2018.

try the army

normani 10/14/2018.

First think about which field you’re MOSLTY passionate about and make sure you do your research on it (pros and cons of your field). Then search for community colleges first that are successful at providing finicial aid (work and save up DO NOT TAKE OUT LOANS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO) and programs for your field. If you enjoyed your experience at community college then further your education to a bachelors degree (if your career requires a bachelors degree, if not earn your associates degree and apply for your job afterwards). That’s my best advice for you and good luck.

Eric 09/14/2018.

First you need to decide what careers you wish to pursue. You will need to earn your own way like your parents did to support you.

Like you say, not all lucrative careers require 4-year college degrees but a Large number of desireable professions have college course pre-requisites so you will want to really think seriously about a decision not to pursue any college coursework at all.

Engineers require mathematical and science coursework

Doctors require 12 years of training

Attorneys rewrite law school and pre-law

Accountants require business and finance and tax and audit field subjects

Teachers get PHDs and years of training

Even if you wish to be self-employed it will be helpful to have some business subject training in subjects like finance and operations mgmt

Ditching all of college is a choice you can make but it’s not necessarily a smart one, nor is going to college for no purpose without a career path worth the cost of tuition a smart one either

Ryan 09/14/2018.

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