Is it true that a lot of Aries women are hot-headed?

Anonymous 09/23/2018. 16 answers
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16 Answers

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

Aries is an incredibly immature sign. The women throw tantrums and have a selfish behavior.

jessie 09/24/2018.

I’m totally agreed with you.

SlimKey 09/24/2018.

I've dealt with a few , very hot headed if you cross them , something about that rage mixed with good sex lol aries are whores too

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

I don't like that you are bullying zna. I think you should stop and so should other users online. I think this is not ok. It's very disturbing. It's very ugly to watch this happen. Really you are misusing the website.

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

It's true that astrology is fake.

Mai 09/24/2018.

they are ruled by mars, but astrology is a load of cow dung anyway

Mrs.Dimple 09/24/2018.

I’m hot in general

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

Astrology is magic not nature and no statistics exist for magic.

How many people of each sign does one need to know on a personal basis to form opinions? Ten? Why does gender matter? I don’t know over a hundred people that well. Nor do I have the desire to invest time in astrology based observations.

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

Aries women will not tolerate it if you say something to them that offends them. Same for Leo women or Scorpio women either! Cancer too!

@Meow: You missed the point. What I meant was Scorpio women have anger issues and will not tolerate anyone when they are offended. Not all fixed signs are people friendly you know. I thought you despised Leo and fire signs? Leo is a fixed sign.

Meow :3 09/24/2018.

Aries women are insensitive, angry, two faced, big mouthed obnoxious scary bullies, they suck basically

oh, i forgot to add their obsession with Scorpios

BEYOUtiful 10/01/2018.

I'm a fire sign sagittarius and I can't get along with this one aries bc she is hot-headed and childish AF

Anonymous 10/01/2018.

Not all are.

Anonymous 10/01/2018.

Yes it is true

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

Very and unpleasant.

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

From my personal experience yes. It gets annoying occasionally. I often think they’re unstable.

Melissa 09/24/2018.

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