Why do democrats assume women voters are falling for this fabricated Christine Ford nonsense?

truth 09/21/2018. 20 answers
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20 Answers

truth 09/24/2018.

Democrats are morons.....

TheBellJar 10/03/2018.

I know plenty of men that believe her.

The Donald 09/26/2018.

I don't think anyone is anymore after Thursday's testimony.

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

False premise.

BlueNinjaLove 09/24/2018.

I assume nothing of what my fellow women think about it. No one should assume. Maybe you didn't know that women are not a hive mind and opinions are going to vary.

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

just because your savior (Trump) says it's fabricated, doesn't make it true.


Valkyrie 09/24/2018.


Anonymous 09/24/2018.

It’s the biggest lie since Hillary didn’t accidentally delete 35,000 emails.

The Oracle of Omigod 09/24/2018.

I think the Democrats think they can end the Kavanaugh confirmation especially if they can drag their feet until the election. If they can't then they can paint the Republicans as complicit rapists. It's a win-win for them.

The Kang 09/24/2018.

Their desperate straw-grabbing is likely to cost them.

Yavan 09/24/2018.

You keep assuming it's fabricated... that says everything about how the GOP in general treats the issue.

And if you're going to go by the word of Donald "the Octopus" Trump...

Misty 09/24/2018.

We know the truth.

Anonymous 09/24/2018.

And why do you assume it's fabricated?

In this instance, no matter what they do: they're fvcked.

Pascal the Gambler 09/24/2018.

Why do you assume it's nonsense....

RockIt 09/24/2018.

Nobody is.

Women want claims taken seriously.

"I know who, but don't know when or where about 37 years ago", isn't flying with women who expect to be taken seriously.

Smoking Joe 09/24/2018.

Because a lot of women believe it because they have experienced similar "boys will be boys" assaults?

Mimi 09/24/2018.

Progressive women are. That shouldn't be a serious talking point. If women are triggered so badly by men, then Hillary should be Potus right now instead of Trump.

Skookum 09/24/2018.

Try to keep up, Republicans. Women aren't putting up with being dismissed any more. When a woman says she was molested, she is going to be taken seriously whether you like it or not. But keep dismissing women and see how long you hold a majority in Congress.

Zira 09/24/2018.

Because as long as it fits their agenda, they think it's fooling everybody.

Melkor 09/24/2018.

They are misogynists.

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