If Mussolini was able to keep the trains running on time...?

JetDoc 09/19/2018. 10 answers
Cars & Transportation Rail

Why can't a US Government supported monopoly like Amtrak do the same? Their trains are ALWAYS late. Sometimes by several hours!

10 Answers

Been There, Done That. 09/20/2018.

It's the same with the postal service, Dept of motor vehicles, and every other Government run operation. If they were a private business, and operated in the same manner, they would have been bankrupt long ago.

Richard 09/29/2018.

The way Mussolini kept the trains on time was to pad the schedules.

D J 09/20/2018.

Mussolini was dictator & could shoot the employees if they did not keep the trains on time. Thank goodness that does not happen in America.

Vincent G 09/20/2018.

Amtrak does not own the rails it runs on. Not only do the freight trains from the company owning that tracks have priority, but where there is only one track, passing a train from the other direction usually means the shorter passenger train is the one sent to a comparatively short siding that could not accommodate the close to one mile long typical freight train.

Moreover, since several trains would be using the same track between two cities, if the leg is long, the speed is dictated by the slowest train on the route.

If you want fast and reliable passenger service, someone has to invest on dedicated tracks, and seemingly no one will willing to put up the money for that. Are you?

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

As an ex trackman(rail maintenance) I suspect your rail network is just far too big to maintain correctly,I'd hazard a guest that a fair lot of your rail roads are antiquated along with your signalling and points.

Modern stuff still fails and breakdown but not anywhere near as muchnas the old stuff,but more likely Amtrak is staffed by people than know they are almost unsackable and simply do just enough not to be but not so much as to run an efficient rail company.

Hooch 09/20/2018.

That was actually propaganda and was proven to be false.

Lord Of The Flies Pt.3 09/20/2018.

Because under American style fascism, we only get the disadvantages and none of the advantages.

EIEIO 09/20/2018.

Amtrak uses tracks belonging to the railroads, and their freight trains take precedence. Furthermore, Amtrak employees are basically government employees, so they do not exactly work very hard to do a good job. It is more or less impossible to fire them, even after a deadly crash that exposes their incompetence.

Anonymous 09/20/2018.

Mussolini was as crazy as Hitler. He wanted to recreate the Roman Empire, but couldn't even defeat Ethiopia in a war.

Nightwolf 09/20/2018.

That’s big government

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