My bank screwed me over. I asked them to make sure my debit card would not go over. So there systems where down this weekend and the atm?

. 09/18/2018. 18 answers
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Said I had more money then I actually did. So I withdrawal 90$ and thought everything was good. But no. When I checked my balance today it said I owed 75$ I was outraged and they apologized and said I had to pay it though even though it was there fault. Will someone give me advice. I do not want to pay them just...

18 Answers

audrey 09/21/2018.

Its not the banks fault you can't keep track of your money. Grow up.

Anonymous 09/21/2018.

It's your responsibility to manage your accounts....time to grow up.

y 09/21/2018.

I asked them to make sure my debit card would not go over.??

Not their responsibility, it's yours.

Beverly S 09/21/2018.

I've never heard of a bank who makes sure you don't overdraft. They actually can't do that since if you write a check to a store they don't even know about it until it clears the bank which can take days. Guess you will be just using prepaid cards forever.

Mamawidsom 09/21/2018.

Grow up. The cost of filing a court case is more than $75 and you would lose. You and you alone are responsible for knowing how much money you have and making spending choices based on that knowledge. If you refuse to pay "on principle" you are only hurting yourself.

You can continue to try to reason with upper management at your bank -- not the teller, but in the end you don't want to be referred to collections for this.

Coffee Drinker 09/21/2018.

Its your job to track your account balances and not overdraft your account.

Even though it was their system that caused you to go over, you still have to repay the excess money. You don't get free money just because their system was down.

However, they can and should waive any overdraft fees that they imposed. so you should only have to repay the amount of money you took beyond your balance. If they won't waive the fees I'd close my accounts and take my business to another bank.

Tavy 09/21/2018.

They did not do anything wrong. It is up to YOU to make sure you have enough money in your account.

They are not your parent, you should have a spreadsheet of what you earn and what you spend.

There is no principle you were in the wrong.

Laurie 09/21/2018.

It is up to YOU to keep track of your bank balance.

Casey Y 09/21/2018.

You can always move your account...but shouldn't you be keeping track of the money in your account?

DR + Mrs Bears face 09/21/2018.

Adults should be capable of keeping track of their own money, not expect someone else to do it.

Edna 09/23/2018.

Your bank did NOT "screw you". You have to pay the fee. You basically "bounced" a check.

The only way to prevent your debit card or any checks from "going over" in the future is to ask your bank to add overdraft protection to your checking account, or else arrange for the bank to pull from your savings account if you're short. There's no charge if they pull from your savings account, and there's no monthly fee for overdraft protection, unless you have to use overdraft protection. When you have overdraft protection, the bank won't decline a debit transaction or a check transaction. They'll pay the purchase price and pull any funds that you're short from overdraft protection. You'll be charged a certain fee (the amount depending upon an individual bank's policy) each time you have to use overdraft protection.

I think what probably happened was that you checked your balance online or at an ATM machine, and it showed your Ledger Balance. Your online balance and your ATM balance will show two different balances: Your "Ledger Balance" and your "Available Balance". Your "Available Balance" includes your Ledger Balance and any deposits that have been made to your account in the last few hours and haven't yet posted, but that money is available for you to use. "Ledger Balance" is the funds that your bank shows that you have in your account AT THE MOMENT, but it doesn't know about any checks or debit purchases that might come in the next few minutes. If your Ledger Balance shows you have $100 and you run a debit card for $95, but an outstanding check or debit purchase hits and pays before before that purchase does, that $95 purchase is going to throw you into overdraft.

Maxi 09/21/2018.

Pay your debt, it is no one fault but your own

Michael 09/21/2018.

No, you will not end up in court over $75. You will end up having difficulty in finding another bank willing to do business with you though.

By the way, when they told you they were sorry, they weren't admitting an error. They were being polite. You're responsible for keeping track of your money, not them.

Charlesetta 09/21/2018.

You are responsible for knowing how much money is in your debit card. The bank will notify you if you are overdrawn - usually, they will notify you if your balance is low - but, it is your responsibility to keep up with your balance.

Steve D 09/21/2018.

Your fault - time to grow up. They have these things called account registers where you track your account transactions. If you have not been doing that, the onus an dfault lies with you. Welcome to ChexSystems my friend :)

A Hunch 09/21/2018.

You are responsible for maintaining an account register.

The bank is not responsible for babysitting you.

marty 09/21/2018.

How did you not know how much you had in your account?You should be keeping track of your own balance.

Egbert 09/21/2018.

Pay it then move your account. Tell them why. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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