What is this yellow stuff on the pie?

Mrs. Frankenstein 09/10/2018. 13 answers
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A friend of mine who lives in the UK made a fruit pie for dessert on Sunday he posted a picture of the pie with this stuff poured over it.

What is it?

13 Answers

Mrs. Frankenstein 09/10/2018.

Looks like custard to me. The Brits LOVE their custard with everything.

And yes, over there it can be thick and creamy or runny and thin. They pour it over a lot of desserts.

Kangaroo 09/11/2018.


Bubba Gubbins 09/11/2018.

Chicken gravy.

poo poo head 09/11/2018.

probably a sauce or glaze or some sort. i

Anonymous 09/11/2018.

Looks to me like lemon curd.

kswck2 09/11/2018.

It is custard. Brits LOVE custard.

Crim Liar 09/11/2018.

It's custard, and I'm amazed that everyone who has posted so far has only ever come across custard made from custard powder. It's far better made with eggs milk sugar and vanilla.

Poseidon 09/10/2018.

Its melted down yellow submarine you should know that.

Tavy 09/10/2018.

Custard made with milk, vanilla and cornflour.

But you know that don't you !

Fred3663 09/10/2018.

That is custard aka Crème anglaise (French for "English cream")

Anonymous 09/11/2018.

Crème anglaise. It's custard, like a vanilla sauce.

edit: It tastes like melted ice cream. That's actually why Americans put ice cream on pie.

karlos24 09/10/2018.

idk, man.

mrh-slos 09/10/2018.

Custard. It is a very sweet sauce, made from cornflour with vanilla flavour, coloured with annatto and made with milk and sugar. It is normally eaten hot but can be used cold with summer desserts.