How do you write in the third person about yourself?

Stacey 09/10/2018. 8 answers
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spacemissing 09/11/2018.

That's easy.

Simply change the pronouns accordingly

and describe yourself from an outside point of view.

Gypsyfish 09/10/2018.

John Doe is a senior at Harrison high school. He is studying calculus, physics and Spanish. He intends to be a pre-med major in the future, and to become a neuro-surgeon. His interests are bowling, lawn darts and beer pong.

Maybe leave out the beer pong part.

Laurie 09/10/2018.

Pretend you are another person, observing your life. Write from that THAT person's point of view... but that person never speaks for himself... He only observes, and writes about that.

lenpol7 09/10/2018.

Rather than write 'I did this' (first person) you write as 'It is done' or 'It was done' (3rd person).


I went on my holidays to Spain. 1st person .

Spain was the destination for our holidays. . 3rd person.

A.J. 09/10/2018.

The comedy movie Stranger Than Fiction, with WIll Ferrell, had a third person narrator almost like a character.

Where "I" and "we" are 1st person, "you" is second person, He and she and they and it are typically third person, but third person can also use a proper noun name.

The Yahoo ID is Stacey in this question.

You may write this way:

Stacey is a good student at school. She studies at least an hour each day and always hands in her homework on-time. ...

Buffalo Bill, the serial killer, also used 3rd person referring to the victim
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HapiKat 09/10/2018.

Hapikat could tell you, but she doesn't want to.

Anonymous 09/10/2018.

One starts using the word one to refer to oneself. As Clive James tartly observed the thing about oneing is that once one starts one has to keep on oneing if one is not to make a fool of onne' self.

The Wanderer 09/10/2018.

My magnificient self will honor you with an answer.