How much would i get from w2 if i only made $2000?

kyshon 09/10/2018. 13 answers
Business & Finance Taxes

13 Answers

StephenWeinstein 09/13/2018.

It could be anything, or nothing. What you made is not what determines how much you got. What you make determines how much the government keeps. If you make only $2000, and it was all on a W-2, then they keep all of the social security and medicare tax withheld, but you get back all of the income tax withheld.

You get back whatever is listed on W-2 for income tax withheld.

Plus, if you qualify for the earned income credit, then you get that too.

Judy 09/13/2018.

You're W-2 shows how much you get before most deductions.

Pascal the Gambler 09/13/2018.

Your W2 would be for $2000. Any refund would depend on total income and what was withheld.

curtisports2 09/13/2018.

You get nothing from a W-2 except information. If your earnings for the year were only $2,000, any federal, state and local taxes that were withheld, as shown on the W-2, are refundable to you if you file the appropriate tax returns and claim those refunds.

Wayne Z 09/13/2018.

Not enough information.

Max Hoopla 09/13/2018.

No way to tell

babyboomer1001 09/13/2018.

You don't seem to have a clue about what a W2 is. A W2 does not give you anything. It states what your income was for the year and the IRS matches it to the income tax return that you file and your copy of the W2. It does not pay you anything.

Judith 09/13/2018.

What are you talking about? You don't "get" anything from a W2. A W2 form shows how much you earned and how much was deducted in income and social security taxes and, perhaps, what you've paid in health insurance premiums. That's it.

If you want to know how much of a refund you'd get when you get your W2 form and file your income tax return, that's a whole different question. Ask the IRS.

Anonymous 09/13/2018.

If that was everything you made and you didn't work anywhere else, you would get back whatever income tax they have deducted. You will not get social security or medicare back.

Just look at your W-2

amy lynn 09/13/2018.

You don't "get" anything from a W2.

The W2 form simply shows your total income earned and the total taxes that have been taken out.

You use the W2 forms to fill out a tax return form to determine if you "get" a tax refund. If the $2,000 is your only income, when you will out the tax return form, you would most likely get a refund of any amount that is listed in box 2 of the W2 form.

You must claim ALL INCOME from ALL SOURCES on THE SAME tax return form. If you have more than one W2 form from more than one job, then you include ALL of them on the same tax return.

ricky 09/13/2018.

You’re in 10 percent bracket. You would owe $200

NA 09/13/2018.

If you turn out to be eligible for EIC, maybe $155.

T 09/13/2018.

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