What’s your favorite quality and why? Cardinal , Fixed or Mutable?

Ash 09/10/2018. 17 answers
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17 Answers

Aaron 09/13/2018.


fe 09/20/2018.

I like all because

Mutable is Progressiveness

Fixed is Strong Will

Cardinal is the responsibility

Blue nose 09/19/2018.

What are you on about?

Anonymous 09/13/2018.

Cardinals are sexy smexy with their take charge attitudes.

Baby Doll 09/13/2018.

I’m a Scorpio and i like all of them !

Anonymous 09/13/2018.


Anonymous 09/13/2018.

Mutable and Cardinal

Anonymous 09/13/2018.


Anonymous 09/13/2018.


Anonymous 09/13/2018.

Astrology is fake.

Janet 09/18/2018.

They all have their uses.

And everyone has some planets in EACH of these Qualities.

Cardinal is about changing situations.

Fixed is about out-lasting the situation.

Mutable is about changing ourselves.

And everyone has 10 planets, and never in 45 years of doing astrology have I seen a natal chart where the individual had any Quality that had NO planets in it.

And each Quality indicates a certain way of handling situations: including both personal strengths AND personal weaknesses. Which the person uses depends on their level of self-awareness and the choices they make.

For instance, Cardinal means they are good at seeing opportunities and taking advantage of them to make changes .. but if mis-used, Cardinal is exploitive and manipulative.

Of course, if the person only has one planet in Cardinal signs, this is not a quality/approach they use very much. If they have 7 planets (which is a high number), this is the approach they use most of the time .. and that means they are not as skilled at using the other two approaches.

Fireball 09/18/2018.


jonniebaby 09/18/2018.

I have no clue

Anonymous 09/14/2018.

Mutable signs. They're the most charming.

Anonymous 09/13/2018.

the only fixed sign I like is taurus ( kind hearted earth sign ), the others odd people that just care for their own feelings and not your own

Lovergal 09/13/2018.

Cardinal because they are good at getting stuff done quickly and if they want something they go after it. I find them to be the most independent signs in way when it comes to work ethic. I also like fixed signs as well

Yang 09/13/2018.

Fixed, because I'm a Scorpio myself and I love Taurus the most from all zodiac signs. Both Scorpios and Taurians are fixed signs.

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