Would it be stupid of me to quit my job because of this?

Discordian Harmony 09/10/2018. 13 answers
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I recently landed a job at a restaurant/pub assisting servers and bartenders. And so far everything is going well, all of the managers like me, my interviewer said he told all the other managers how mature he thought I was when he interviewed me, almost all of my coworkers love me because I’m always there to assist...

13 Answers

Discordian Harmony 09/12/2018.

Get another job and quit.

Lea 09/11/2018.

Stick it out. Honestly your hours do not seem unrealistic or too strenuous to me at all. On average you're working a standard 8-9 hour shift. If you're incapable of working a full work week, then look for a part time job if you can afford half the income.

RoaringMice 09/10/2018.

It's normal to feel completely wiped out after the first couple of days at a new job, especially one that's demanding, like yours. You do get used to it with a bit of time, normally. I'd suggest you stick it out for a while. If, after a few weeks, you still feel the same with no improvement, you can consider applying to other jobs - and quit this one once you get a new job. Or you can talk to your boss, and see if you can cut down on your overall hours, or else on the length of your shifts. But it may very well be that by then, you'll have adapted and be handling this better - so don't give up quite yet.

Casey Y 09/10/2018.

These are standard food service hours...

LindseyS499 09/10/2018.

If you have expenses to cover then stick it out until you can find a better job, with more daytime hours. I know working evening hours can get tiring. With businesses like bars and retail, your hours can vary. It's good that your co workers like you. But they will move on so don't feel bad about having to leave if you have to. If you can find some time to get some exercise, that can help give you more energy and eat healthier.

There are people that work more hours then you at odder times too.

BarfingWhale 09/10/2018.

welcome to the restaurant industry. been working as a line cook for about 5 years now this will be my 6th year. those kind of hours are normal tbh. For us line cooks because we have only so limited time to prep and cook things for service often we go in early without pay to get it down. or we will stay late to clean up but we do get paid if we stay late and depending on management they are fine if you come in early and clock in but some will get mad.

i would say stick it out. your still getting paid on the clock and im sure you'd be making overtime. after a while you get used to it. if you simply cannot handle the extra 2-3 hours talk to your manager/boss and let them know you can't stay very late and they should be able to accomidate.

Pearl L 09/10/2018.

i think if you do decide to quit you need to give thenn a two wks notice, you could try asking thenn to change your hrs or try to get another job before you give notice

history 09/10/2018.

5-1 is an 8 hour shift without a break. You likely get a break. . 5-2 with a 15 minute break and a "food" break of 1/2 hour is a little over 8 hours. If you are unable to pull an 8 hour shift without thinking it's murder you might not have the right job. There is NOTHING wrong with telling your manager than you are not up for 10 hour shifts. Nothing. If they aren't paying you time and half for shifts over 8 hours (on the clock... not including clocking out for breaks) then they are playing with the law and the books. If you are unable to get your side work in during your scheduled shifts and are having to work longer (on the clock) in order to get that done.. they like you and are being nice to you and are assuming, as you work there longer and get it under your belt, that you'll be able to restock during your normal shift hours or they will get around to talking to you about it.

If everyone likes you but you don't like the job... it's the wrong job for you. But complaining that the hours are murder when you're pulling 8 hour shifts? You might get in better shape before another month goes by. You are either very new... or it's just not the right job for you. I think your Dad might be right. Try to hold out for 4 months and if you still think the hours are murder and they can't be adjusted... well.. restaurant work takes a lot of stamina and it's not for everyone.

If you like restaurant work but want shorter hours... try a resort town and the top 10 busiest restaurants in town. It's not uncommon for restaurants that are packed constantly to run 5-6 hour shifts. The floor staff make plenty of money and are tired after 6 hours. Some very busy houses will run shorter shifts.

Restaurant/bar business is not for everyone. I liked it!

Clark Kent 09/10/2018.

Stick it out

Lol 09/10/2018.

Personally I would stick it out. I would need to know your situation, like do you have rent to pay and Is someone else supporting you financially? Do you have car payments, stuff like that. You should always stick out a job UNTIL you find a new one.

Eddy 09/11/2018.

That is correct. Your dad is right. Stick it out. Don't do anything to add to your exhaustion like go to parities or mess around with your mindless buddies. Go to bed immediately and sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and ready to hit it again. Do you know what cutlery is? Do you know the other name for the prongs on a fork? It is TINES. That is right. TINES with an N. Do you know how the knife should face the fork when you set the table? The blade of the knife faces the fork. Spoon goes first, the fork to its right and the knife to the right of the fork. Learn this terminology because you can tell your other bus boys to NEVER put their hands on the tines of a fork, the bowl of a spoon or the blade of a knife. Touch the cutlery only by the stem of each utensil. Long live us BUS BOYS !!!

xfilesfan 09/10/2018.

I work 7 PM to 7 AM with one 30 minute break, so your hours don’t sound particularly murderous to me.

If you can find another job with better hours, feel free to give two weeks notice and quit this job. Honestly, I agree with your dad that you should probably give this job a chance and try to adjust. It’s ultimately your decision, but I suggest you don’t leave this job without securing another job first.

iammclane 09/10/2018.

Stick it out for a couple of years. It's like exercise - it won't hurt as much after you get adjusted to it. After a couple years a new position with better hours might open up, or you could put your feelers out and find a better job at another place. The reputation you make for yourself in this first job will open doors to other, better ones.

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